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Student Rights and Responsibilities

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Student Rights & Responsibilities

No Contact and Location Restriction Orders

A Mutual No Contact Order is a written directive for the identified parties to avoid all contact and/or communication with one another. Unless expressly stated otherwise in the Mutual No Contact Order, contact is defined as communicating in person, communicating through a third party, and communicating through all forms of written and/or electronic contact (including phone, email, texting, and social media). The Mutual No Contact Order may apply to other forms of contact, as the University deems appropriate under the circumstances.

Click here to submit a Mutual No Contact Order Request.

A Location Restriction Order is a written directive for one or more identified parties not to enter a designated portion of University Premises. The written Location Restriction Order will define the space to be avoided, which may include particular rooms, buildings, outdoor areas, events, or other spaces as described in the Location Restriction Order. The Location Restriction Order may also require a housing reassignment or reassignment to a different section of a course for one or multiple individuals identified in the Location Restriction Order.

Mutual No Contact Orders and Location Restriction Orders may be issued as an Emergency Order through the Division of Campus Safety. 

The Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX and the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities have developed a process for working with mutual No Contact Order and Location Restriction Order requests and mandates. Please review the procedures for more information on this process.

Although these Mutual No Contact Orders and Location Restriction Orders are not considered disciplinary in nature, failing to abide by the terms of the Mutual No Contact Order and Location Restriction Orders will constitute a violation of the Student Rights & Responsibilities Policies. 

COVID-19 Location Restrictions

DU cares about our students and wants to promote a safe community during this pandemic. To that end, students who violate COVID 19 protocols may receive a location restriction order. Please click here to see the process.

FAQ: COVID-19 Location Restrictions

How long does a Location Restriction Order typically last?
Location Restriction Orders typically remain in effect until all parties involved in an incident of potential exposure are confirmed to have receive a negative test result. The test must be taken AFTER the incident occurred. Therefore, it is very important for all persons involved in the incident to comply with testing as it affects the entire group. At times, special circumstances may require Location Restriction Orders to remain in effect for longer in order to protect the DU Community.

Submitting a test result is mandatory for compliance with a Location Restriction Order. Only an approved exception from the COVID Coordinator will allow a student to be exempt from this requirement. If test results are not received from all involved parties, Location Restriction Orders will be lifted 14 days after an occurrence of potential exposure. Please note that additional incidences of potential exposure may result in a Location Restriction Order remaining in effect longer than 14 days.

If my test result was negative, why do I have to wait for other people's test to also be negative before my Location Restriction Order can be lifted?
By waiting until all parties involved in the incident of potential exposure receive a negative test result, we can better rule out false negative results and defend against the spread of the virus.

Can my Location Restriction Order be lifted before my Case Resolution Meeting with SRR?
Yes, the lifting of a Location Restriction Order can be lifted prior to a Case Resolution Meeting as long as all parties involved in the incident of potential exposure are confirmed to receive a negative test result. Location Restriction Orders are in place to address public health and safety concerns.

Everyone I know that was involved in the incident said they received a negative test result. Why has my Location Restriction Order not been lifted?
Our office needs time to confirm negative test results from the Health and Counseling Center. If everyone involved in the incident has received a negative test result, the Location Restriction Order will likely be lifted within 1 business day of all test results being available in your MyHealthPortal.

With whom can I speak about my Location Restriction Order?
The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities is the only department on campus that can manage your Location Restriction Order. The best way to contact them is to email

What is the difference between a Location Restriction Order and being placed in Quarantine due to exposure to COVID-19?
A Student is placed in Quarantine if they have been exposed to COVID 19 by an individual that is confirmed to be positive for the virus. A Student is placed in Location Restriction when they have been part of an incident that violated COVID policies and exposure may have occurred.