Course Modalities

Summer@DU courses are built to fit your needs, whatever they are and wherever you are. With online, in-person and hybrid options, DU students can expect the best from their learning experiences.

The online Schedule of Classes provides detailed information about each Summer Session course, including course numbers, titles, modalities, meeting schedules, instructors, enrollment counts, prerequisites, registration restrictions and associated fees. For additional information about how to search for classes, visit How to Search for Classes.


online learning


Online classes are designed from the ground up so all students can engage with the class experience. These courses may be synchronous (will have days/times published in the schedule of classes) or asynchronous (will not have days/times published in the schedule of classes). None of these classes will be assigned a classroom.


in-person learning


Stay safe while enjoying the Denver sunshine with in-person Summer Session courses. Scheduled in rooms and meeting spaces that can accommodate the class size, our in-person courses follow social distancing and building sanitation guidelines. All face-to-face classes will be streamed and/or recorded to allow students who become ill or who need to self-isolate temporarily or who cannot attend for some other short-term reason to keep up and continue to make progress.

covid-safe classroom


Hybrid classes have both in-person and remote learning elements, with the frequency of in-person learning based on instructional needs. You'll have face-to-face time on campus for a portion of your coursework and engage remotely for the remainder. While the specific frequency of in-person meetings will vary by course, generally you'll meet in person at least one day per week. The other days the course may meet online synchronously or asynchronously.

blooming campus

Learn how we're keeping you COVID-19-safe

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cleaning and disinfecting

Building Safety

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Facilities Management and Planning (FMP) Division has successfully established and implemented cleaning, disinfection, and building operational protocols to prevent the spread of the virus and enable in-person classroom learning. With increased cleaning frequency, attention to high touchpoints and the support of additional equipment, our staff is dedicated to keeping you safe this Summer.

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