Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

DU is working to overcome barriers in diversity, equity and inclusion with Summer Session courses celebrating real change, impactful leadership, understanding and accountability. Ranging in disciplines across campus, our courses will give you the tools to positively impact the communities you’re a part of now and in the future.

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Course Spotlights

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PSYC 2620: Psychology of Diversity

Investigate issues of diversity from a psychological perspective, including how we can understand both the value of and the threats to diversity in regards to gender, race, age, weight and more.

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ASEM 2557: Body and Sexuality in Religion

How is the body represented in biblical religion? This Summer, we’ll question how the Bible has shaped views on sex and the gendered body, procreation, celibacy and notions of death in Western religion.

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MFJS 3655: Multicultural Journalism

Focusing on multicultural approaches to journalism and media, explore the ways culture and intercultural communication apply to journalistic writing as a creative process and craft.

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ASEM 2860: Critical Disability and Culture

Utilizing academic research, popular culture references, visual media and writing, you’ll deconstruct, critique, and analyze the different discourses of disability through basic character-driven gaming, using standards of Universal Design.

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COMN 2030: Social Movement Rhetoric

The rhetoric of social movement is the principal agency that minoritized groups have used for social change in recent U.S. history. Our explorations will focus on dissident voices–both on the ’right’ and the ’left’–as they have sought, and continue to seek, social change.

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GWST 1112: Intro to Gender & Women's Studies

Gender and women's studies is about studying, but its also about meaningful engagement with the world. Take this introductory course to better understand how 'gendering' occurs, and its larger effects on society.


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