We believe course work across diverse experiences and areas of knowledge will inspire new possibilities for you, your community and the world. Feed your curiosity this Summer with Elective courses that cultivate critical and creative thought, preparing you for leadership and citizenship in our global society.

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ARTS 1400: 4D Approaches

Harness your critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills in this introductory course as you explore the fundamental principles of four-dimensional art and design through a survey of concepts, techniques, and practices.

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HIST 1560: Seeing Red: Native Americans and Photography

Throughout photography’s 200-year history, the photographic record has struggled to expand beyond depictions of ‘the savage’ to include Native realities. In this course, you’ll develop visual analysis skills while learning an abbreviated history of Native Americans and photography.

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MUAC 1017: History of Rock and Roll

The ’birth of rock’ occurred in the mid 1950's as a result of the convergence of pop, country and western, and rhythm and blues. Track that evolution through an examination of these styles and their artists in this upbeat course.

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RLGS 2114: Yoga in Theory and Practice

Explore the origins of yoga and tantra within South Asia and a global context, the relationship between yoga and tantra practices and how yoga and tantra have become popular, transnational phenomena.

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THEA 1600: Stagecraft

Realize the art of Theatre this Summer while getting the chance to learn construction, craft and design skills in the scenic and costume areas. You’ll have the opportunity to learn through action, using fundamental design tools and collaborating with classmates.

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MUAC 1025: Hip-Hop and Rap Music

From its origins in dance parties in the Bronx to its identification as the soundtrack of social movements around the globe, rap music is the most prominent genre of popular music. In this course, we’ll question rap music’s relation with gender, race, identity, and politics while listening to some great tunes!


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