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Explore the world from your computer with Summer@DU courses designed to cure your wanderlust. Ranging in disciplines from Communications and English to History, Language and Advanced Seminars, expand your horizons and celebrate the diversity of our global community.

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spring Korbel

COMN 2471 Social Construction of Travel

Travel encompasses the myriad ways in which people and ideas become mobile. Rather than focusing on travel in the context of tourism, commerce and religion, in this course you’ll consider the effect of travel on the body of the traveler – psychologically, spiritually and physically.

spring Korbel

ENGL 1110 Travel and Literature

Discover how poetry, fiction, and drama expand our understanding of what it means to be human. You’ll be engaged in the rewarding process of interpreting the literary art centered on travel as a unique cultural expression.

spring Korbel

HIST 1370 Monks, Merchants, and Monsters- Medieval Travelers

In the Middle Ages, enterprising and intrepid people were on the move, exploring new places and meeting new peoples. Join us to explore how and why medieval people left home, and how these voyages shaped not just the travelers themselves but the lands they came from and those they entered.

spring Korbel

JAPN 1216 Popular Culture of Japan

Analyze the emergence of mass-produced culture in Japan this Summer using a variety of cultural materials. Touching on themes of anime and television fandom, commodified romance, healer-bots and cyborgs, no prior knowledge of Japanese is required to enjoy this fun, investigative course!

spring Korbel

HIST 1330 Modern Ireland

Examine the creation of modern Ireland from the 16th-Century to the present with major themes of analysis ranging from representations of 'Irishness', social and geographical factors to the development of various nationalist movements.

spring Korbel

ASEM 2560 America Through Foreign Eyes

U.S. citizens have a unique, privileged and powerful position in the contemporary world order. Yet, many Americans are mostly, if not totally unaware of what U.S. global preeminence means. In this course, you’ll critically reflect on your role in the U.S. and its implications in a globalizing world.


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