Immerse yourself in the languages that inspire you this Summer with online courses geared to advance your ability through linguistic and cultural study. We believe a language education doesn’t stop with grammar, syntax and vocabulary; instead, you'll develop communication and problem-solving skills to tackle today's global challenges and foster a deep understanding of human experience across the globe.

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Korbel in spring

GERM 1001: Elementary German

Studying the language, cultures and histories of German-speaking countries will offer you the opportunity to develop effective communication skills as well as intercultural competencies that will further your role as a responsible global citizen.

Korbel in spring

ASEM 2568: Outsiders in Italian Fiction

This class addresses the recurring representation of the character as an outsider in the Italian literary and cinematic tradition of the 20th and 21st centuries. Novels, theatrical plays, and films will be supplemented by a collection of secondary sources on psychology and sociology, providing the tools for a thematic and methodological approach to storytelling.

Korbel in spring

JAPN 1001: Elementary Japanese

Become an informed international citizen by developing effective Japanese language and cultural communication skills this Summer. With a focus on basic grammar, syntax and vocabulary; emphasis on oral skills; and an introduction to Japanese culture, this beginner course will develop your empathy for and curiosity about the diversity of human experiences.

Korbel in spring

CHIN 1516: Contemporary China in Literature and Films

Investigate pressing socio-economic issues through critical examination of representative literary and filmic texts produced by Chinese as well as foreign writers. In this course, you’ll gain a greater understanding of not only the challenges that contemporary China faces but also the complexities of the increasingly globalized world in which we are living.

Korbel in spring

SPAN 1001: Beginning Spanish

Sharpen your language skills while developing a deep appreciation for Spanish-speaking cultures this Summer by beginning a language course sequence. Our experienced instructor will train you in written and oral communication while touching on the diverse histories, cultures, literatures and films of the Spanish-speaking world.

Korbel in spring

GREK 1416: Myths of Greece and Rome

Participate in imaginative and creative assignments that introduce the goddesses and gods, heroes and heroines, and not a few monstrosities from popular tradition, literature, and visual arts of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

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