A Science education at DU means three things: unprecedented access to high-powered research labs, expert faculty and a real-world, globally-minded perspective. With offerings in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography and Astronomy, our research-oriented courses will amp up your Summer experience, helping you realize your potential as a scientist and scientifically-literate citizen.

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BIOL 1220: Molecules to Humankind 1

How is life sustained? You’ll emerge from this course with a better understanding of the human body at the molecular, cellular and physiological levels, discovering what makes us tick. Considering atoms, basic chemistry, complex molecules and the cell, you’ll find out exactly how such molecules are used and organized by living organisms.

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GEOG 1410: People, Places & Landscapes

In this course, you’ll study the location of people and activities across the surface of the Earth. First, we’ll lay a foundation by discussing the locations and patterns of human activity, followed by an exploration of how and why such patterns have developed historically, and how they relate to the natural environment and other aspects of human behavior.

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PHYS 1111: General Physics 1

Stressing physics concepts over equation derivation, you’ll use algebra and trigonometry to solve problems and make predictions. Expose yourself to a broad range of real physical phenomena investigated using state-of-the-art equipment as well as computerized instrumentation and data acquisition techniques.

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CHEM 1010: General Chemistry

Coverings atomic and molecular structure, reactions in solution and thermochemistry, this course introduces you to chemistry for natural science and engineering majors.

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CHEM 2131: Chemistry of the Elements

Including redox and coordination chemistry, this course takes an in-depth look at the descriptive chemistry of main group and transition elements.

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BIOL 2090: Biostatistics

This Biostatistics course examines the use of statistics in biological research. You’ll have the opportunity to focus on experiments and data unique to the biological sciences, using computer-aided analysis and hypothesis testing in hands-on research.

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