The Center for Sustainability

The Center for Sustainability acts as a hub for sustainability activities on campus. While the Center is far from the only office at DU working on creating a more just and sustainable campus, it is often the first stop for prospective and current students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends who are interested in getting involved in creating a better future together. 

Our Mission: Develop community partnerships to drive innovation as we educate and empower students to create a just and sustainable future.

Driven by an incredible team of undergraduate student interns and graduate fellows, the Center for Sustainability oversees 24 different programs at DU across waste, energy, mobility, food, outdoor education and events. 

Functions of the Center

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    Provide a supportive and welcoming community for those passionate about making a difference at DU.

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    Allow students to turn passion into meaningful changes on campus and in Denver.

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    Provide a deep understanding of sustainability topics through professional, personal and leadership development opportunities.

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    Work with campus partners to infuse sustainability into operations, goals and programming.

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    Provide experiential education to supplement classroom learning.

Thousands of individuals taking action toward a more sustainable lifestyle can create huge changes together. By engaging students in deeply meaningful work around sustainability, we can show how acts of mindful and intentional decision-making can truly change the world and create a future in which all may thrive.