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Center for Sustainability

Center for Sustainability


Meet our Staff

Chad King Chad King, PhD

Sustainability Coordinator

In this inauguralrole, Chad launched the Center for Sustainability in 2012, where he works across campus units to connect institutional and regional practices to the curriculum. Prior to this, Chad was faculty in Environmental Science at Ohio Dominican University. He earned a master's and PhD in Sustainable Agriculture from the University of Arizona. Chad currently serves on the board of Transportation Solutions, and is a member of the Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Committee.

Hallie Jaeger Hallie Jaeger, MA International Development

GA Program Coordinator

Through her love of nature and respect for food, Hallie Jaeger puts her passions to work as the GA Program Coordinator at the Center for Sustainability and MA Candidate in International Development at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies. Hallie is eager to share this connectedness of community, food and nature with the DU and Denver Community in facilitating sustainable solutions. At the Center Hallie manages the food and garden groups as well as helps to oversee communications. This adventure superstar enjoys exploring Colorado and seeking and implementing sustainable options for populations anywhere. When Hallie is not in the garden, you can find her in the kitchen or on her yoga mat (she's an AYA RYT200 certified instructor). She also enjoys dancing, sailing and hiking with Dil, her golden-doodle pup!

Dexter Rowland Dexter Rowland, BS in Ecology and Biodiversity with minors in Sustainability and Geography

Bicycle Mechanic

Dexter fixes bicycles and helps to keep the DU bike shop running. He choses to work at the Center for Sustainability because the current culture of unsustainability we all live within terrifies and appalls him. He wanted to get involved with helping move towards a more harmonious path. Additionally, he loves the freedom of mobility which bicycles bring and is continually made joyous by helping people have well-tuned bikes to aid their explorations.

Mike Osiemo Mwirigi Mike Osiemo Mwirigi, MS Research Methods and Statistics

Research and Reporting Manager

Mike grew up in Kenya. He was attracted to his position as the Research and Reporting Manager because it combines his expertise in data collection and analysis with his passion in sustainability. He has always been interested in sustainable development that aims at improving the environment and the quality of human life. He is currently a graduate student in the Research Methods and Statistics program at the Morgridge college of Education. His hobbies include playing and watching soccer, watching movies, and visiting new places.

Kaela Martins Kaela Martins, MA Environmental Policy and Management

Zero Waste Coordinator

Kaela Martins is the Zero Waste Coordinator at the Center for Sustainability. She has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from DU and is pursuing her Masters Degree in Environmental Policy and Management from DU. Her work experience includes the Mayor's Office of Sustainability, Denver Arts & Venues, and Denver Recycles. She started at the Center for Sustainability in 2012 working to excel zero waste hockey and encouraging composting in the residence halls. Kaela has continued her role at the Center promoting proper waste decisions across campus. From zero waste sports and events, to building level waste audits and proper bin parity, Kaela looks to increase DU's diversion rate over the next couple years!

Ben McClellan, BS Environmental Science and BA International Studies

Gear Garage Student Manager

Ben is a Environmental Science (BS) and International Studies (BA) double major. His official title is Gear Garage student manager at the center. His work at the center focuses on helping people access the outdoors no matter who they are and ensuring as low of impact as possible of outdoor recreation on the environment. He also helps out with a lot of other projects around the center. He got involved with the center freshman year and became interested in sustainability based upon the idea that sustainability involves an interplay between humanity and the rest of the environment, and sustainability works to maximize the advantage for both humans and the environment.

Eva Eva Sofia Horna Lowell, BS in Ecology and Biodiversity and BA in Spanish.
Minors in Medical Physics and International Studies.

Food and Gardens

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Eva has always been very conscious about the delicate environment she finds herself living in. As a result she is very enthusiastic about conservation biology as well as the food systems that we all find ourselves to be apart of. Eva understands the lack of sustainable and locally grown food in the United States and has decided to act on it through getting involved with the Center for Sustainability. Eva is involved with the garden and food teams at the Center. Her duties include working in the Bridge Community Garden as well as managing the on campus hydroponic system. She works directly with the Sodexo employees to harvest the herbs grown in the hydroponic tower system so that they can be used in the dining halls around campus. Eva has also been the student lead for the on campus farmer's markets for the 2015-16 academic school year. She hopes to bridge the gap for DU students between growing/visually seeing the food they will consume, and them physically consuming it.