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Center for Sustainability

Center for Sustainability

Sustainability Heroes

Check out some of our past and current employees as well as our community partners doing amazing work within the field of sustainability!

Kristen Kemp, Engaging the community
Many years exemplary service and dedication to the sustainability movement at DU


Nick Stubler, Leadership and Engagement
Intelligently and thoughtfully education the DU community at large about divestment "Divest DU"

Jenny Bowers, Innovative Practices
Leading the way in sustainable practices at Anderson Academic Commons

Kaela Martins, Innovative Practices
Pioneering composting programs in DU Residence Halls and expanding zero waste initiative at DU athletics

Katie Aldrich, Innovative Practices
Leading the way in food policy education at DU and throughout the region

Hilary Morland, Innovative Practices
Inspiring students at Colorado Women's College to think critically about global warming and climate change

Jack Foersterling and Andrew Smith, Outstanding Program
PioGears Bike Shop serves the DU community

Becky Powell, Leadership
Exemplary service as DU Sustainability Council Co-Chair

Brianna Johnson, Leadership
Exemplary service as DU Sustainability Council Co-Chair


Daniel Powell: Engaging the Community

Kristin Kemp: Engaging the Community

Gina Johnson: Engaging the Community

Kristy Firebaugh: Engaging the Community

Kaela Martins: Innovative Practices
A clear up and coming leader in sustainability on campus, Kaela spearheaded and lead the composting program in the restrooms of Johnson MacFarlane Hall. Recognizing a need for more composting where it is created, she worked with housekeeping and the Center for Sustainability to set up an approved project. Kaela organized students to pick up, weigh, and search out contaminants in the compost, leading a successful pilot that diverted over 1,200 pounds of waste to compost, over 1% of all campus compost in 2013.

Mollie Doerner: Best New Program
The Green Passport Program is a huge part of sustainability efforts all over campus. This year Mollie has demonstrated great patience and dedication in developing a new program to address emissions from study abroad. The Green Passport Program she has created will officially begin this fall, allowing study abroad students to select from a menu of options of means to offset their travel emissions, recognizing that these unavoidable but off settable emissions are necessary to the mission of the University. Not just limited to study abroad, this program will also scale to all university related travel, helping to reduce our carbon footprint in this significant category.

Andre Janusz: Business, Logan House Coffee Company
Recognizing a business model that embodies sustainability best practices in all operating procedures. Andre is a 2005 graduate of the International MBA (IMBA) program at Daniels College of Business. After working for "the man" in corporate America, Andre discovered coffee roasting and decided to turn his passion into his life's work: Logan House Coffee Company. Andre imports organic, fairly traded coffee from across the world, roasts the beans in Denver, packages them in recycled wine bottles (thus eliminating packaging waste) and delivers them to his customers using a fuel-efficient vehicle or, whenever he is able to, his bike with a trailer. Andre's business model is people and planet-friendly at every point in the supply chain – and the coffee is excellent! More info here.

Brian Levitt: Alumnus
For leadership in sustainable building practices, as evidenced in the design of the The Shops at Northfield Stapleton, Brian, an RECM alumnus (1996), is an expert for cost analysis as pertains to sustainability. He convinced Forest City Development to build the first LEED Certifiied Mall in the United States, right here in Colorado – Northfield Stapleton.


Megan Marshall: Best New Program
Undergraduate Student
Zero Waste Hockey Games

Katie Dunker: Most Innovative Program
Wellness Program Manager
Incorporating a Sustainability Focus to [email protected]

Randy Wagner: Engaging the Community
Administrative Director, Strategic Initiatives, Sturm College of Law
Engaging the Community: Outstanding Energy and Commitment to Outreach and Orientation.

Mariah Shell: Engaging the Community
Undergraduate Student
Modeling Sustainability Programming and Collaboration.

Federico Cheever: Sustaining Leadership Award
Professor, Sturm College of Law, Chair of Sustainability Council
Dedication and Commitment to Leading Sustainability Efforts.

Christy Cerrone: Legacy Award
Student Life, Housing and Residential Education
For Years of Leadership, Service, and Innovation in Housing and Residential Education.

The Bike Depot (now Bikes Together): Non-Profit Award
For creative, expansive, and transformative programming that integrates social and environmental justice.

Jon & Adam Schlegal: Alumni Award
Owners of Snooze A.M. Eatery
For exemplifying the infusion of sustainability practices into restaurant practices.

Pangea Organics: Business Award
For exemplifying an industry changing attitude of creating a product that does good at every step.