Energy Programs

The energy efficiency projects undertaken by Facilities Management and Planning most often take place behind the scenes. These upgrades move DU toward goals of reducing its carbon footprint, energy use intensity and overall energy consumption, but we cannot truly succeed without the help of every person on campus doing their part to reduce their personal energy use. The Energy Team at the Center for Sustainability runs several programs aimed at giving students, faculty and staff the tools to reduce energy use on- and off-campus, seeking engaging and creative ways to educate the community on best practices. 

students interacting at event table inlibrary

DU It in the Dark

DU It in the Dark is the Center for Sustainability’s annual energy challenge. Hosted during the month of February every year, DU It in the Dark asks students to commit to small, personal behavior changes that will help them save energy in their daily lives. Supplemented by weekly education and engagement events, students learn about their personal carbon footprints and how their everyday actions have a broader impact. Students who participate in events during the month are eligible to win awesome sustainability prizes. Check this site in January to see the current year’s schedule of events.

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Study Abroad Carbon Offsets

DU’s study abroad program is one of the best in the country, and one of the major items that draw students to our beautiful campus. However, flights for study abroad account for nearly 10 percent of DU’s carbon footprint. Students studying abroad are able to opt-in to the carbon offset program, which will fund a methane recapture program located on the Southern Ute Indian Tribal Lands in the San Juan Basin in Southern Colorado. Students who donate to this fund can rest easy knowing that their money is helping to restore balance in our atmosphere by allowing the carbon their flight emitted to be offset by the project locally.

Learn more about carbon offsets and the Southern Ute Indian Tribal Lands project.

Give to the carbon offset fund here or by texting CARBON to 41444.

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Renter Efficiency Program for Students (REPS)

Students living in off-campus housing have the opportunity to have highly-trained student interns perform an energy audit on their home, learn tips and tricks for reducing energy consumption through behavioral changes and receive free energy efficiency upgrades in their home through this free program. And, you’ll get a burrito just for participating.

Learn more about the REPS program and how to sign up here.

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Green Greeks

Our Green Greeks team works with social organizations to perform energy and waste audits for their houses, and run fun and educational events with and among the social fraternities and sororities. 

Are you in one of these organizations and interested in getting involved? The program is always growing, and we are looking for other student leaders to partner with!

students playing guitar and singing at an open mic event

Open Mic Night

We believe a strong sense of community is one of the most important aspects of creating a more just and sustainable campus. Throughout the school year, our student leaders host a number of Open Mic Nights, which opens the floors to other student musicians, poets, bands and comedians to share their talent with their peers. The program is mixed with fun facts and trivia questions about the Center for Sustainability and sustainable living, so students get to learn in a fun and community-oriented environment that makes the point that we can have a great time while creating the best version of our campus, socially and environmentally.