Meet the Interns

The Graduate Fellows and Undergraduate Interns are the lifeblood of the Center for Sustainability’s programming. Get to know the awesome 2019-2020 team!

Graduate Fellows

  • Courtney Wells
    Courtney Wells

    Courtney is an Environmental Management and Policy Graduate Student. This is her second year working at the Center for Sustainability as the Waste Graduate Fellow. She knew working at the Center would give her a great opportunity to broaden her leadership skills while working in a field that she is very passionate about. Courtney absolutely loves working at the Center because it has given her management skills that will be very beneficial in her future endeavors as an Environmental Consultant. 

  • Maja Konieczy
    Maja Konieczy

    Maja is a student at the Graduate School of Social Work studying Sustainable Development. She serves as the Graduate Fellow for the Food and Gardens team at the Center. Her main objective for the year is to focus on all aspects of food insecurity. This includes not only access to food, but healthy and nutritious food. Maja says she enjoys working at the Center because everyone working here shares the same passion for the work they do.

  • Mat Stewart
    Mat Stewart

    Mat is a PhD student at the Graduate School of Professional Psychology and is serving as the Graduate Fellow for the Gear Garage. He spent the last decade working in the outdoor industry as a guide and trip leader, and now uses his passion for the outdoors to help get others outside. Mat loves helping to make recreation rentals affordable to all, bridge social justice gaps by providing expert-led hiking trips free of charge and offering educational events to help foster sustainable attitudes within the DU community. 

  • Cris Marquez
    Cris Marquez

    Cris is pursuing her masters in Environmental Management & Policy and she is currently working as the Community Outreach Fellow for DU Center for Sustainability. Her work includes working with DU organizations, students and community members to ensure equity and inclusivity in sustainability. She most enjoys building relationships and connections with students who are passionate about the environment and sustainability.

  • Colin McDonald

    Colin is a Masters in Accounting Student at the Daniels College of Business. He joined the Center for Sustainability for the opportunity to mentor and help students develop the Energy Program. He says that when he first started at the Center, he knew very little about Sustainability, so his work as a Graduate Fellow has been an incredible opportunity to develop his own understanding and see how he can pursue a job with a focus in Sustainability.

  • Caoilfhionn Schwab
    Caoilfhionn Schwab

    Caoilfhionn is a second year student at the Graduate School of Social Work focusing on biodiversity advocacy and conservation. At the Center, she oversees the Marketing and Communications Team. She loves being able to take a step back from actually participating in the creation of marketing and communications materials and have the chance to provide support and witness the creativity her students have when it comes to spreading the word about the Center and all it does for sustainability on campus.

  • Matthew Perez

    Matthew is a graduate student at the Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science studying Electrical Engineering focusing on Power systems. He says he wanted to join the Center of Sustainability to be more involved in what’s happening at DU and explore the connections between his degree program and a sustainable future. Currently, Matthew is working on developing a co-curriculum program that follows undergraduates through their years here at the University of Denver.

Undergraduate Interns

  • Lauryn Chung
    Lauryn Chung

    Lauryn Chung is a senior studying Biological Science and serving as the Zero Waste Programming Lead. Sustainability has always been part of Lauryn’s life and being able to continue this sustainability path throughout their college career has been enlightening and extremely fun. Working together with the studious and passionate students of the Center for Sustainability has brought them great joy.

  • Elizabeth Pepper
    Elizabeth Pepper

    Elizabeth — or as she is better known, Pepper — is a fourth year student majoring in Environmental Science. At the Center, she serves as the Food Pantry Programming Lead helping run the day-to-day operations of the pantry, events, and other Food Pantry-related programs. She is passionate about sustainability, loves working with people, and the Center for Sustainability allows her to combine her interests in ways that work towards creating a better community for all. 

  • Alex Koon
    Alex Koon

    Alex is a fourth year student in Communications and Geography. She loves working at the Center because it gives her an outlet to take her passions and turn them into real change on campus and in the greater Denver community. Working at the Center has given her an opportunity to build a community of kind, hardworking, and inspiring coworkers and friends. In her free time, she loves to get outside, rock climb and drink coffee.

  • Olivia DeWitt
    Olivia DeWitt

    Olivia is a senior majoring in Ecology and minoring in Astrophysics and Gender and Women’s Studies. At the Center for Sustainability, she is the Events Lead, working to plan some effective and enjoyable programming. Her favorite memory from working at the Center is cleaning the hydroponics towers two years in a row (a very messy job). 

  • Noah Mills
    Noah Mills

    Noah is a fourth year student majoring in Geography. He joined the Center for Sustainability because he has a passion for educating and providing access to the incredible things that make his own life great like the outdoors and sustainability. Since working here, Noah has had a fantastic time and now has the resources to achieve some of the goals that he has wanted to achieve. Outside of the Center, Noah enjoy rock climbing, cooking and spending time with friends.

  • Christina Rorres
    A student standing outside

    Christina is a second year student majoring in Geography and Communications with a minor in Art. She is the Graphic Design Lead at the Center and loves being able to work with the people on her team to help promote sustainability across campus. In her free time, Christina likes to be outside and enjoys skiing, hiking, paddle boarding and running.

  • Kayla Fatemi-Badi
    Kayla Fatemi-Badi

    Kayla is a junior studying International Studies and Geography. She joined the Center because her work here allows her to have hands-on experiences directly on campus related to her class studies. In her spare time, Kayla works on campus as an RA and a tour guide as well as sits on the voting committee for Suscom and the e-boards for both the DU Middle Eastern Cultural Association and Students for Justice in Palestine.

  • Isabel Dreyfus
    Isabel Dreyfus

    Isabel is a fourth year International Studies major at DU. Originally from Portland, OR, Isabel loves spending time outside and backpacking to new places. At the Center, she enjoys the uplifting and motivated spirit shared throughout the whole team.

  • Paul Ciarcia
    Paul Ciarcia

    Paul is a fourth year student studying Psychology and Finance. He is most passionate about working on our Food Pantry to ensure all members of the DU community have access to healthy and sustainable foods. In his spare time, Paul loves to ski and spend time with his family. 

  • Nadia Czebiniak
    Nadia Czebiniak

    Nadia is a third year studying Environmental Science and International Business. She works at the Center to gain experience creating effective sustainable programming for large organizations. Her work here has inspired her to pursue a career in corporate sustainability. In her free time, she enjoys creating artwork and photography.

  • Cassidy Bromka
    Cassidy Bromka

    Cassidy is a sophomore Environmental Science major. She enjoys working as an intern at the Center because it has been a place where she can freely explore her interest in sustainability. She enjoys the student-led aspect of the Center’s programs, and says that working with Center’s teams has taught her how to better communicate and work collaboratively in a large group situation. 

  • Eugene Cleary
    Eugene Cleary

    Eugene is the Bike Shop Manager for the Center for Sustainability. Currently, he is a fourth year Business Information Analytics major and Economics minor. Working at the Bike Shop allows him to help people continue to use their own bikes and commute to and from campus more sustainably. In his free time, Eugene enjoys doing anything that takes him outside to take in the lovely Denver weather.

  • Tom Mullin

    Tom is a first year student studying Mechanical Engineering. He works at the Bike Shop as a mechanic for the Center for Sustainability. Outside of work, you will find Tom snowboarding, camping and climbing in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. 

  • Matt Mazzetta
    Matt Mazzetta

    Matt is a senior studying Environmental Science and serves as one of the Zero Waste Events Leads. He likes the Center for Sustainability because it allows him to meet and work with students, faculty and communities with like-minded values and motives towards creating healthier, more sustainable living environments for all. He enjoys the fact that his work at the Center is not only applicable to his studies, but that it also provides him with realistic job expectations/experiences that will be useful throughout college and beyond. 

  • Hannah Cooper
    Hannah Cooper

    Hannah is a junior majoring in International Studies and Asian Studies with minors in Sustainability and Leadership. She joined the Center to engage with her love for the environment and to learn and work on sustainable practices. Hannah is part of the Food and Gardens team and is the Indoor Waste Audits Lead. When not at the Center she enjoys leading tours for the DU Admissions Office, going to new coffee shops, hiking and traveling with amazing people.

  • Stella Brown
    A student standing outside

    Stella is a senior International Studies and Spanish major who has been working at The Center since her freshman year. She loves the family and community that she has found through working with the incredible and diverse staff. Having always been on the energy team, Stella enjoys figuring out ways to connect with the student body while instilling positive habit building practices around reducing personal energy consumption. She is looking forward to graduating in March and taking her knowledge of sustainability out into the greater community. 

  • Grace LaMendola
    Grace LaMendola

    Grace is a fourth-year student who studies Economics & International Studies. This is her second year at the Center, and works as the Social Media Lead on the Marketing and Communications team. Grace is passionate about sustainability because she believes in a just, equitable future for all people. She loves working at The Center, but in her free time, she is also a leader for Alpine Club and likes to cook.

  • Liliana Simon
    Liliana Simon

    Liliana Rosa Simon is a junior from upstate New York studying Geography and Sustainability. Liliana's interest in sustainability sparked from her love for the outdoors, but has grown exponentially since studying at DU and working at The Center for Sustainability. She works on the Marketing and Communication and Energy Teams and is passionate about all things sustainability and the outdoors.

  • Brooke Kiere
    Brooke Kiere

    Brooke is a fourth-year student majoring in Finance and minoring in Accounting and Leadership. She is currently serving Data Analytics Lead for our newly-formed Research Team. She says she wanted to work at the Center because she is passionate about using her business perspective and background to create sustainable and environmental change at the University of Denver. When she’s not at school, she loves traveling, trying new foods and hanging out with her friends.

  • Cate Lull
    A student standing next to her horse.

    Cate is a third-year student majoring in Environmental Science. She loves her work at the Center because her impact on DU’s campus and the Denver community is tangible, which motivates her to work harder. Through the Center she has been able to meet a diverse team of people who share her passion for helping people and the planet. In her free time, Cate is usually listening to music, helping out in the community garden, or organizing fun events for DU's pollinator club. 

  • Jon Clark
    Jon Clark

    Jon is a senior who studies Spanish and geography. As a Zero Waste Lead for the Center, he is developing his professional portfolio through diverse forms of collaboration and sustainability-centric learning. He likes short to moderate walks on the beach, but does not like plastic, nor injustice.

  • Halle Brown
    Halle Brown

    Halle is a fourth-year Environmental Science major. She loves being active in the fight for a more sustainable DU and future, for which the Center provides a powerful outlet. Teaming up with other students, staff, and faculty partnered with the Center has given her unyielding support in this fight. When not in class, Halle is an avid writer, singer, yogi, skier and climber. 

  • Lauren Leland
    Lauren Leland

    Lauren is a junior majoring in International Studies and Sociology, with a minor in Sustainability. She is originally from San Diego, but loves being near the mountains here at DU. She loves working for the Center because it has allowed her to pursue one of her greatest passions alongside so many phenomenal people across campus. When she isn’t working on sustainability, she loves snowboarding, barista-ing, taking care of my plants, amateur cooking, reading running.

  • Grace Bergacker
    Grace Bergacker

    Grace is a second year Marketing major from Colorado Springs. She is in the Center’s Food and Gardens and Marketing and Communication teams. Her hobbies include hiking, reading and bouldering. Grace has been passionate about sustainability from a young age and joined the Center to help lessen the environmental impact of the University of Denver as well as gaining the tools to fight pollution and environmental injustice in the workforce.

  • Kalyn O’Donnell
    Kalyn O'Donnell

    Kalyn is a second-year majoring in Environmental Science. She loves doing energy audits for students who live in off-campus housing via REPs and going to hockey games to sort waste for Zero-Waste Hockey Games. She also loves working with people who are also passionate about sustainability, and the Center is the perfect place for that. In her free time, she loves hiking, playing guitar, and hanging out with her friends.