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Center for Sustainability

The Center

Center for Sustainability

The Center for Sustainability offers various courses to help anyone from individuals to entire offices incorporate more sustainable practices in their daily lives. 

Bike Classes

Are you interested in learning how to repair your own bike? Bike mechanic classes are offered by the Piogears Underground bike shop in partnership with Bikes Together

  • Twice a year we offer master mechanic classes for free to DU students. Check back for upcoming dates. 
  • Fix your bike 101 classes are offered at our Fall and Spring Farmers Markets. 

Green Certifications

The Green Certifications program is an opportunity for you to begin the journey to a sustainable future. As the sponsor and certifying organization, The Center for Sustainability is dedicated to providing the resources and expertise for successful certification. If you have questions or want to sign up to have your room or office certified, please contact us. 

Green Office

DU's Green Certified Office program is a voluntary, flexible pilot program and friendly competition between offices, designed to help the University meet its environmental goals. Through this program the Center for Sustainability encourages, supports and rewards faculty and staff for taking the lead in adopting environmentally responsible office practices in their workplace.

  • How do I start?
  • I've completed the Green Office Audit Form, how do I certify my office? 
    • Submit your office audit form to [email protected], and request a time to have an EcoPioneer complete a peer to peer audit evaluation.


Green Room

The Green Room Certification program provides the framework and ideas to highlight residence hall rooms that are taking the right steps towards sustainability.

  • How do I start?
    • Complete the audit form and any other instructions included for each level in the presence of an Eco-Rep or a representative of the Center for Sustainability and submit documentation to the Center. Download the introduction, reasoning document and Room Audit Form.
    • The Green Room Checklist can be found here.
  • I've completed the Green Room Audit Form, how do I certify my residence hall room?
    • Submit your office audit form to [email protected], and request a time to have an EcoPioneer complete a peer to peer audit evaluation. 


Green Event
  • The Green Event program aims to help event organizers make an effort towards sustainable event planning, ultimately to reduce waste and financial costs.

  • How do I start? 
    • Complete the audit form and follow any other instructions included.
    • Green Event Certification checklist is also a useful tool and can be located here