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Center for Sustainability

Center for Sustainability

Professional Development

HR 14ers Initiative 

Purpose: The Colorado 14ers People Development Program provides a centralized, campus-wide container for professional and personal development classes, workshops, programs and experiences to the University of Denver faculty and staff. Using the beautiful Colorado mountains as the backdrop, this program highlights the many diverse professional development offers through a series of pathways, which each pathway having its own focus, curriculum and criteria. Together, these pathways help create a comprehensive learning environment where faculty and staff can grow and develop together. 

Registration Information: Registration for the majority of classes and workshops in the Colorado 14ers will be through PioneerWeb (click Employee, go to Training and click the appropriate category - usually Professional and Career Development or Management and Supervisory - then click through the options until you see the class.) Dates/times/location for each entry can be found on PioneerWeb or the training calendar. The Master Class List describes all the classes, programs and activities (see below). Also know that we advertise upcoming classes through the DU Digest. Lastly, if the location shows TBD, that means we are still waiting on confirmation. 

Visit the Human Resources web page for more information or download a PDF of the HR 14ers program here