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Graduate Tax Program

Law School at the University of Denver

Graduate Tax Program

Tuition & Payment Options


Tuition rate for the 2017-18 academic year is $1,320 per quarter credit hour (valid from Fall 2017 through Summer 2018).  Other required fees may apply. Tuition increases are normally announced in the early spring and are effective beginning in the fall quarter. Tuition for online students is the same as for students who attend class in person. Please find information on cost of attendance here.

Payment Options

The University accepts cash, checks, and/or money orders as a form of payment for all charges that appear on student accounts. Checks must be drawn on a U.S. bank, or a bank with a U.S. subsidiary, and must be payable in U.S. currency. Make checks payable to the University of Denver and please include the student ID number on the check. Payments may be mailed to: University of Denver Cashier's Office, 2197 S. University Blvd., Denver, CO 80208.

Credit cards, ACH payments, and wire transfer instructions are available on the Bursar's website.

The University also accepts tuition payment plans. The plans allow for monthly payments spread over the academic year to assist in budgeting. Information is available on the Bursar's website.

Employer Reimbursed Payment

The Employer Reimbursed Payment option is available to students whose employers require course completion prior to reimbursing the student for incurred tuition and fees. This option allows the student to defer the employer reimbursed portion of tuition and fees until after the conclusion of the academic term.

The Employer Reimbursement Payment Agreement must be completed once per year and whenever a change in an employer's educational benefit policy or employee's status occurs. The agreement must be signed by the employer and the student and submitted to the Bursar's Office by the tuition payment due date.

A deferment fee of $45 will be assessed each academic term in which charges are deferred. Charges not eligible for employer reimbursement must be paid by the payment due date as indicated on the tuition bill. A billing statement will be mailed to the student for the deferred charges approximately three weeks prior to the Employer Reimbursement due date. This statement will include classes taken, grades received, and all billed charges and credits for the term. The deferred amount must be paid by the due date regardless of the status of reimbursement from the employer or grade(s) received for the course(s) taken.