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Graduate Tax Program

Law School at the University of Denver

Graduate Tax Program

History and Philosophy

The Graduate Tax Program was created at the University of Denver in 1975 in response to the demand for trained tax specialists in both the legal and accounting professions. Initially an evening program catering to the needs of practicing attorneys and accountants employed in the Denver area, it has evolved into one of the few such programs to offer a curriculum designed for both the full-time and part-time student.

The Graduate Tax Program prepares students for entry into professional tax practice in both the public and private sectors. Through the interdisciplinary nature of the program, the law graduate learns the accounting aspects of tax practice, and the accounting graduate acquires a thorough understanding of the legal process. To be competitive in the marketplace, non-lawyers should plan to earn the CPA designation.

The educational standards of the Program are rigorous; students are expected to be prepared for class each day, and grading is usually based on one final examination. The environment, however, is one of cooperation rather than competition, and the teaching attitude is both helpful and challenging. The Program is dedicated to the pursuit of superior professional competence, and students with similar aspirations find their studies in the Graduate Tax Program entirely rewarding.