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Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer

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University of Denver

Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer

The Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer assists faculty, staff, and students with issues related to Intellectual Property protection. This includes managing, protecting, and licensing the University's Intellectual Property (IP).

Our Office is responsible for promoting research partnerships and negotiating agreements between the University and outside entities. These partnerships help enable federally funded research findings to be further developed and commercialized.

Our Office conducts legal review of research agreements. Agreements include confidentiality/non-disclosure, collaboration, service, data transfer/use, material transfer, and sponsored research. Our Office works alongside the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs to negotiate and review the relevant provisions of these agreements. The Office of General Counsel may also assist the Office in reviewing the provisions of specific contracts.

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 NSF Partnerships for Innovation


The Partnerships for Innovation (PFI) Program within the Division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships (IIP) offers researchers from all disciplines of science and engineering funded by NSF the opportunity to perform translational research and technology development, catalyze partnerships and accelerate the transition of discoveries from the laboratory to the marketplace for societal benefit.

  • DEADLINE: January 8, 2020
  • Contact our Office for more information 

available technology

Please visit our Available Technology page for information on current licensing opportunities.

Data agreement review

Are you transferring data? A Data Agreement Request Form is needed for our Offices to determine the type and scope of data to be used or transferred. Please complete and submit the Data Agreement Request Form to [email protected].

Annual report

Annual ReportOur Office is featured in the Research and Scholarship Annual Report. Read the full report here.

During FY 2019, the Office of Intellectual Property &
Technology Transfer worked with faculty members to
assist in technology licenses, invention disclosures,
and granted patents.