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Transportation Center

Transportation Center

Minimizing traffic and pollution in and around campus.

Students, faculty and staff at DU are encouraged to drive less and take alternative forms of transportation whenever possible. Transportation Solutions, a local nonprofit transportation management association, runs the Transportation Center on campus to bring you biking, walking, transit, carpool, and car share resources. When fewer people drive to DU alone, we reduce our carbon footprint and make the air cleaner for everyone.

My Way to Go: Helping you get around -- any way you want to go!

My Way to Go logo

My Way to Go is a new, regional transportation tool that can help you find biking, walking, transit, and car/vanpool options to get you to your destination.

Interested in the option with the smallest carbon footprint? You can find that out. How about the option that will burn the most calories? You can find that too. My Way to Go even shows you the cost of driving so that you can see how much you could save by trying another option. Sign up to track your trips and watch the carbon and dollar savings stack up.

Tracking your trips will not only provide you with real-time information about your environmental impacts, miles not driven and cost-savings, it also helps the Transportation Center and DU track the effectiveness of our commuter programs, as well as the contributions of My Way to Go toward campus sustainability efforts.

Join the University of Denver network on My Way to Go today!

DU Transportation Committee

The DU Transportation Committee is a part of the Sustainability Council on campus. We work to advance the adoption of sustainable transportation on and around the University of Denver campus.