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Earn and Extra 10,000!

Steps that is! If you are a student, visitor, faculty member, or staff, the Pedestrian corridors at the University of Denver are a great way to get your steps in. Let the beauty of the Campus play an important part in your health and fitness goals. In the gorgeous Colorado weather, instead of a boring conference room take your meeting outside, visit a colleague across campus, or add walking into your calendar tasks, the opportunities are limitless! For more impact as a pedestrian talk to a personal trainer at the Coors Fitness Center and don't forget to get up and dance to your favorite song at least once a day.

5 Short Walks from the University of Denver

  • Observatory Park - 10 minutes / .5 miles

  • Veterans Park - 6 minutes / .8 miles

  • Harvard Gulch - 3 minutes /1 mile

  • Washington Park - 7 minutes / 1.8 miles

  • Cherry Creek Bike Path - 9 minutes / 3.3 miles

Safety as a Pedestrian

Be visible to drivers at all times and make eye contact

Wear light colored clothing in the evenings

Stay in well lit areas at all times and stay alert

Follow traffic rules, signs, and signals

Walk in safe places using crosswalks

Drink responsibly! AAA reports 34% of pedestrian casualties involve alcohol impairment. 

Safety as a Driver

Look out for pedestrians and make eye contact, as a driver you are responsible

Follow posted speed limits

Be aware of limited visibility in inclement weather

Be especially careful when backing up

Always yield to pedestrians at crosswalks

Do not pass other vehicles in a crosswalk