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José Antonio Pérez Antón

Jose Perez

Director General
Grupo ADO 

DTI Board Member


José Antonio Pérez Antón is director general for Grupo ADO Bus Conglomerate in Mexico City, Mexico. At Grupo ADO, Pérez manages 1200 employees within a $60M business that is responsible for serving all of the Gulf Coast of Mexico. He has established flexible route logistics, adjustable between 2.8 and 3.2 million miles a month, which has resulted in improved efficiencies. Pérez has conducted market studies and developed strategies for entering new routes, resulting in a 10 percent market share increase. He is also responsible for the development of a copilot system, which announces changes in the speed limit to the driver. Prior to becoming the director general, he was the general manager of Grupo ADO. He is currently vice president of CANAPAT Passenger Mexican Bus Association. He is a graduate of Universidad Anahuac with a BS in industrial engineering and holds an MS in intermodal transportation systems from the University of Denver.