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Comprehensive Transportation Management Education

The Master of Science in Transportation Management at the Transportation Institute is preparing the next generation of leaders in the global transportation industry. Learn what students and alumni have to say about their experience at the Transportation Institute, and learn how you can become part of this distinguished network of transportation professionals.

In Their Own Words....


Not only are you networking with your fellow cohorts that come from a very diverse background, but all of the instructors that come—I really value the expertise they bring from the industry."

- Melinda Yeaman


It's a way for us to stay current...this allows us to have conversations with the shipping companies, the trucking companies, the academics, and the people who are on the leading edge of what's happening within the transportation industry."

–Clark Robertson


The ITI professors bring their own experiences, their own real-world backgrounds so they can show me what really works, not what a textbook can show me. It's the rest of your life that benefits [from this program]."

–Beth Garcia