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Research and Resources

The Transportation Institute values the contributions of industry leaders, faculty, and students earning a Master of Science in Transportation Management, as research is essential to the advancement of the transportation industry. Resources on this page are free and available to the public.

White Papers

Sharing transportation resources is a key factor in advancing transportation research, and the Transportation Institute is committed to providing users with valuable white papers and research that will help industry leaders and students. From the list of transportation resources below, click the specific white paper title to download and review:


The transportation management industry continues to evolve with each new technological advancement and industry change. Stay at the cutting-edge of transportation resources and intermodal research by reviewing the commentaries below provided by the Transportation Institute:

Commentaries Papers

When the Box Becomes the Engine
By Thomas L. Finkbiner from the 9 January 2012 issue of Journal of

Intermodal Moves
By Carol Ward with participation from ITI's Gil Carmichael, Tom Finkbiner, and
Andy Goetz from the 2 September 2010 issue of Airport Revenue News

Game-Changing Rail Strategies
Commentary by Thomas L. Finkbiner from the 10 January 2011 issue of
Journal of Commerce