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Thank you for your interest in the TSS Group and the PhD programs in the Psychology Department.

Anne DePrince does hope to take a student for Fall 2018.

Please feel free to explore these pages to learn more about our research. Note that you can catch regular updates on our work, including students' research efforts, in our quarterly newsletters and journal articles (available on this site). 

If you have questions about admission criteria, please visit the Psychology Department website for more information.

If you have questions about the application process, please feel free to contact Paula Houghtaling, the administrative staff person who oversees admissions, at

Prospective Research Assistants

The TSS Group relies on the important contributions of undergraduate research assistant (RA) team members. RAs work with us in volunteer, student employment, and class-credit (Psy 2112) positions. RAs help with all stages of the research process. We generally ask for a minimum of a 2-quarter commitment at 6-9 hours per week. For more information about available positions, please call 303-871-7407. Generally speaking, we recruit new RA team members in the Fall and therefore have few positions open Winter and Spring quarters.

To apply for an RA position (volunteer, student employment, or course-credit), you will have to complete an application.  Please mail the application to After we review your application, we may set up an interview to evaluate the match between our group and your interests.  


Last updated: 27May2017