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TSS Group

Participate in Research

We believe that research can and should be an empowering experience for those who participate.  And that research can powerfully bring together many people's voices and experiences to create change in our community.

We are grateful to the youth, women, and men who have participated in our research in Denver.  By participating, they planted seeds that have grown over time, helping us to work together with community partners to be responsive to victims and survivors of trauma and violence. 

Linc: evaluating the Wraparound Legal Services Project

We are working with our colleagues at Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center to evaluate the impact of new wraparound legal services for victims and survivors of crime. To read more about this project, click here

Statewide Impact of VOCA Funding Evaluation Project

We are working with our colleagues at the Colorado State Office for Victims Programs (OVP) to evaluate the impact of recent increases in VOCA funding on victim services in Colorado. To read more about this project, click here.

Child Abuse Response Improvement Team 

We are working with Denver's multidisciplinary Child Abuse Response Improvement Team to examine the impact of multidisciplinary responses to child abuse allegations on case outcomes. 

Our Offices

Our offices are located on the University of Denver campus in Nagel Hall. When you sign up to participate in a study, we will confirm the location with you.  A map to parking near our offices is available here


Last updated: 23May2018