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University Academic Programs

DU Research & Scholarship Showcase


The abstract is an important component of your research project. You will be required to submit an abstract when you register for the Showcase, and it will appear in the Showcase program. We offer resources, below, for you to write the best possible abstract.


If you have not already done so, we strongly recommend that you work through this webinar workshop from the DU Writing Center to help you draft a strong and compelling abstract. An abstract is required for Showcase registration. Remember that the abstract will be the first way that people will encounter your work.

Abstract Guidelines

When writing your abstract, you will be limited to 150 words maximum. Additionally, you should submit a clear and concise abstract that encompasses the following: 

  1. Motivation for your project
  2. Problem statement
  3. Your approach to the problem
  4. Results 
  5. Implications of project findings 

Note: In approaching the "results" and "project implications" topic areas, you do not need to have completed project results to present at the Showcase. Simply outline how far your project has developed and what implications you've seen thus far.

Write for a general audience and please note that the abstract you submit will be published in the program to be distributed at the event. If you need assistance writing an abstract, please attend one of the Abstract Writing Workshops below or contact the Writing Center.

abstract writing resources