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DU Research & Scholarship Showcase


The DU Research & Scholarship Showcase is a unique opportunity for students to showcase their research and scholarly work to friends and family, community members, and research partners. In order to make the most out of this opportunity, it is recommended that interested undergraduate and graduate students make use of the workshops and resources made available to them. Below you will find a timeline of events and deadlines pertinent to interested Showcase presenters, best practices for individual and group presentations, and information to register for the DU Research & Scholarship Showcase. 

Timeline of Events and Deadlines


Register here for the 2020 DU Research and Scholarship Showcase. Please note the change in date and format.

April 6, 2020|Abstract Workshop Webinar Posted

All students are encouraged to watch the Abstract Writing Workshop webinar to learn how to craft or improve their research abstract. An abstract is required for symposium registration. Check the Abstract tab for more information on Abstract requirements.

April 6, 2020 | Poster Workshop Webinar Posted

All students are encouraged to watch the Poster Workshop webinar to learn tips and tricks on how to design and create a Research Showcase poster. For more information on poster guidelines and requirements, visit the Poster tab.


As a reminder, all students who received a URC grant in the past year (PinS, Summer Research, or SSTF) are required to present. But all students are welcome to present, whether or not they received an award.

May 20, 2020 | DU Research & Scholarship Showcase

We will be moving to an online platform, combining student Prezi presentations, live Twitter streams, and dialogue via Twitter to share and celebrate your exciting research. More details coming soon!


Who should I contact if I have an ADA accommodation to request?

If you require an ADA accommodation please email

How should I present if my project is a performance or creative work?

If your project is a creative work (such as a musical piece, visual art, performance, etc.) you could have a recording of your musical performance for attendees to listen to or turn it into a Prezi to help include context and the piece in one place.

Since the event is virtual, do I need to make a poster?

Students will not be asked to make a physical poster this year. We ask that you make a Prezi presentation that can easily be shared via Twitter. For information on how to make a Prezi, check out their support page