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Mark Siemens, PhD, comes to the Undergraduate Research Center from the Department of Physics and Astronomy, where he is a teaching associate professor. Through his many peer-reviewed articles that have been published with undergraduate students, Mark has demonstrated commitment and passion for mentoring students through research.

Dr. Siemens earned his PhD in Physics from the University of Colorado in 2009, and a postdoc at NIST Boulder before joining the DU faculty in September 2010. His research explores the ways that light can be used to measure and control states of matter, especially in nanostructured materials. This work is relevant to the cooling of integrated circuits and to solar energy harvesting.

Office hours: by appointment

Leah O'Grady coordinates the activities of the Undergraduate Research Center and of the First-Year Seminar program at DU. Originally from the metro Atlanta area, Leah graduated from the University of Georgia with dual Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Child and Family Development. Throughout her career, she developed a large interest in civic engagement initiatives, which eventually relocated her to Colorado for an adventurous year with AmeriCorps NCCC. Throughout this and other experiences, she became very passionate about working with young adults in identifying and realizing their civic, academic, and professional goals. This passion ultimately led her to complete the Higher Education MA program at the University of Denver in August 2016.

She enjoys working with students in every stage of their research process.

Office hours: by appointment