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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research Center

About Us

Nancy M. Lorenzon, PhD, comes to the Undergraduate Research Center from the Department of Biological Sciences, where she is a teaching associate professor. She is devoted to advancing the educational mission of the URC, and also serves as the director of the Professional Science Master’s Program in Biomedical Sciences, vice-chair of the IACUC, and director of the Animal Care Facility. 

Lorenzon earned her PhD in Anatomy and Neurobiology from the University of Tennessee in 1994. Her research interests focus on calcium channel function and protein interactions involved in calcium signaling in excitable cells, and how these functions are altered by mutations in these ion channel proteins that cause human disease.

Office hours: by appointment

Sarah C. Hoffman coordinates the activities of the Undergraduate Research Center and of the First-Year Seminar program at DU. She is a PhD candidate in Higher Education at Penn State and studies the forces that shape American higher education, particularly related to the academic workplace and collective bargaining. She enjoys working with students in every stage of their research process.

Office hours: by appointment