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Undergraduate Research Center

Undergraduate Research Center

Program Details

Proprietary Details

If you are pursuing proprietary work, information regarding the University's guidelines can be reviewed here. Any questions about permitted disclosures should be directed to the Dean or Chair of the appropriate Division or Department or to the University's legal counsel.

IRB/iAcuc approval

If your project requires IRB or IACUC approval, funds will not be released until approval notice is forwarded to URC staff,

International Travel

If you plan to travel abroad, for your research you must register your travel at least one week prior to departure and preferably closer to a month before travel. All URC participants who travel abroad must register their travel as an Experiential Learner in DU Passport.

Once you have started the registration process, you must log in to DU Passport with the general DU Passport link to make any edits or changes. Registration should take between 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

By registering in DU Passport, the University can assist in an emergency situation abroad, provide important travel resources prior to departure, coordinate evacuation and repatriation benefits, and better track international efforts of all DU members. Failure to register can result in the disallowance of funding or academic credit.

International Travel Resources:

Award Recipient Requirements

All recipients of Undergraduate Research Center awards (PinS, SSTF, Summer Research Grant) are REQUIRED to present the results of your projects at the DU Research & Scholarship Showcase , held each year in the month of May. Please review the breakdown below to see when students are expected to present (based on the quarter of award):

      • Students required to present at the May 2021 Showcase :
        March 2020 PinS awardees, 2020 Summer Research Grant awardees, Fall 2020 PinS awardees, January 2021 PinS Awardees, 2020-21 SSTF awardees

Grant award disbursement

There are three main ways that funds may be distributed to students through the Summer Research Grant, Partners in Scholarship, or Student Scholar Travel Fund programs. First, awards may be established through Shared Services for your work (for Summer Research Grants only). Second, reimbursements can be made directly to you for purchases related to the project. Third, the URC can transfer money directly to your faculty partner's department. Other, less common forms of disbursement are listed below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Summer Grant funds must be spent by September 1st.  Students receiving any other type of grant funding have until the end of the fiscal year, usually June 1st, (i.e. the majority of the academic year) to spend their grant funding.  

1. AWARDS (Summer Research Grants only)

** This process has recently changed and will look different than years prior.**

Once you have accepted your grant award, your payment will be split into three different amounts. The dates you can expect to receive payment are: 

  • June 25, 2021
  • July 23, 2021
  • August 20, 2021

Below outlines an example of an award amount a student receiving a full $3,500.00 can expect to receive:

  • Total award: $3,500.00
  • Monthly award you will receive: $1,166.66

Money received from a summer research award will be reported to the Office of Financial Aid. It is important to note that students WILL NOT receive a 1099-MISC from DU. Students are expected to set up Direct Deposit to receive money from a summer award.


Any supplies that you purchase yourself are reimbursable as long as you submit original, itemized receipts. It is very important that you not pay sales tax, as it will NOT be reimbursed. You must obtain the tax-exempt number for the University from the URC office. Please allow up to 10 days for your check to arrive after submitting it to URC staff.

        ***Please note, original itemized receipts must be provided for all expenses. ***

Reimbursements will be disbursed in one of two ways. 1-Sent to the mailing address you have on file with the school. 2-Sent as a direct deposit to the bank account you have set up with the school. To check your mailing address or your bank information please check your student tab in PioneerWeb. There you can update your mailing address or set up a direct deposit.

If funding for equipment is requested, this equipment becomes the property of the department or the specific faculty partner's lab for use in further research.


Supplies and materials may be ordered by your department. URC staff can work with departmental contacts responsible for ordering supplies. Please have your departmental administrator contact URC staff to arrange the payment. The departmental administrator and/or the student must provide either an explanatory email or copies of documentation so that disbursements can be approved and tracked.  


  1. Payment for Service

    1. If you are receiving services from an individual (e.g. paying an accompanist for a recording), that individual must be set up as a vendor in the DU system. You need to obtain an invoice from the individual, and then they will be paid directly. To set up a vendor, the individual should submit a W9 form to URC staff (

  2. Human Subject Compensation
    1. If you have budgeted to compensate subjects for their time, you need to follow the appropriate procedures. Contact URC staff ( arrange for a cash advance, if necessary, and to ensure that you are cataloging the payments properly.
  3. Travel and Conferences
    1. If your award includes travel (plane, train, car) and/or conference attendance please contact URC staff BEFORE you reserve or purchase anything. You should plan to keep all receipts unless told otherwise by URC staff.
  4. Payment to Outside Partner
    1. The outside partner should submit an invoice to the Undergraduate Research Center via email to URC staff (