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Undergraduate Student Government

Undergraduate Student Government

Student Organizations

Below you will find relevant information for student organization licensure and funding procedures. For a full list of student organizations at DU, click HERE . For governing documents, visit Archives.


Samuel Holt | Chair of Student Organizations Committee

Student Org Licensing Procedures:

Undergraduate Student Organizations shall be licensed in accordance with this policy, and the Constitution and Bylaws of the USG.

Student Organization Requirements:

All student organizations seeking licensure from USG must meet the Following Requirements (student organizations reapplying for licensure are also obligated to fulfill these requirements):

-Maintain a University of Denver faculty/staff advisor

-Maintain at least three members (students) of the org who act as the primary leadership and contacts of the organization. The organization must designate a president, vice president, and treasurer.

-Maintain at least 10 active undergraduate members who are current DU students, this can include the leadership of the organization.

-Fulfill all required documentation and forms which shall consist of at least the following:

1: Your Organization's Constitution

2: A Signature Approval Form

3: An org roster which shall include the names/contact info of all of your members. Student Organization must use the Template Roster provided by the student organizations committee

4: If any additional leadership is listed, list their titles in the roster as well

-All of the aforementioned documents must be turned in electronically to the Qualtrics Application Form
In order to be considered fundable, an organization must not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, marital or veteran status, or social, fiscal, or economic merit.

Upon the electronic submission of all required documentation and forms, the applying student organization and its members agree to follow and maintain all rules, policy, and procedures of the USG, the University of Denver, and all applicable local, state, and national rules, laws, and regulations. The submission of the required documentation and forms shall be considered a binding agreement on behalf of the organization and its leadership to uphold the above to the best of its ability.

Ongoing Requirements:

All licensed Undergraduate student organizations must fulfill all of the previously mentioned requirements every academic year in order to maintain licensed status. Failure to fulfill these requirements may result in sanctions as seen fit by the SOC, Finance Committee, and the USG Judicial Branch.

The following requirements must be fulfilled by Undergraduate student organizations:

• All Undergraduate student organizations must send at least one representative member to at least one USG Senate session per quarter. The representative of the organization must introduce themselves and briefly introduce the organization and update the USG Senate on the organization's proceedings.

• In order to stay compliant with university policies, the president and treasurer of each student organization must complete Org 101 Training each academic year.

• Student Organization Application are accepted by the Student Organizations Committee in the first three weeks of every quarter. After this deadline, the Qualtrics Application is closed and will not reopen until the next academic quarter.


Organization's Rights and Privileges:

All licensed Undergraduate student organizations have the right to exist at the University of Denver. All licensed Undergraduate student organizations shall also be vested with the rights granted to it in this policy, and the USG constitution and its Bylaws. The following privileges are shall be granted to licensed Undergraduate student organizations:

• Free use of General Classroom Building meeting rooms and facilities in the Office of Student Engagement

• Reduced cost AV Equipment Rental from the University of Denver

• Free web hosting to be provided by University of Denver Information Technology 

• Access to student directory information in accordance with § SOC.09.03

• The right to use the Office of Student Engagement for incoming mail

• The free use of Office of Student Engagement general Undergraduate student organization supplies

• The right to expression in accordance with § SOC.09.02.


Natasha Crawford, Chair of Finance Committee (