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Veterans Services

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Veterans Services


Peer to Peer Network

University of Denver’s Veterans Services is proud to facilitate the Veterans’ Peer to Peer Network program. Interested incoming veteran students are paired with veterans who have experience at the University of Denver and are ready to introduce the new students to our University community and help them make a smooth transition to higher education.

Pairings are based academic interests, extra-curricular activities, and other hobbies. 

All current University of Denver veteran students are eligible to participate in the Peer to Peer Network.

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Right Foot Forward

Right Foot Forward is a transition program for Veterans at the University of Denver. Veteran students are matched with industry professionals based on their career aspirations.

Each mentee completes a series of planned meetings with a DU Career Services Career Advisor and their industry mentor. Meeting outcomes include a professionally formatted resume, introductions to industry contacts, and improved social media presence.  Veteran students should complete the program confident and ready to embark on the job search process.

Upon completion of the program each student veteran receives a custom fitted suit from Brooks Brothers provided by the University of Denver’s Veterans Services.

Read about one Veteran's Right Foot Forward experience in DU Magazine.


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Student Testimonials

The Right Foot Forward Program (RFF) was an interesting and rewarding experience. First thing to get out of the way, the suit is amazing and something I would not have had done otherwise. The program itself has the flexibility to allow you to get out of what you want, and I suspect that each experience is unique to the needs and realities of the individual. For me personally, I gained some key insights into potential paths my degree could take me that I otherwise would not have gained. I was able to sit down with a group of government executives I otherwise would not have had access to and get their perspectives on what an individual like myself would need to succeed in the public sector policy world. Working with Damon and seeing how much he cares about the fate of veterans at DU is inspiring and gives another, long term perspective of the time you are investing into your education that continues to pay dividends after you graduate beyond the degree itself. Every veteran needs to apply to this program.

Richard Tucker, MA 2017

Working with my mentor was a great benefit to me in several ways. First, it was a great way for me to learn about career opportunities I hadn't yet considered, but were related to my academic and professional interests. Second, my mentor provided me with valuable advice on how to effectively prepare for roles which require public speaking. Most importantly, having an RFF mentorship was beneficial in helping me to appreciate the unique skills I have as a veteran, and highlight those skills in a way that civilian employers understand and can relate to. Plus, I got a custom-tailored suit for free. That in itself was well worth the few pages of paperwork.

Tyler Bender, MA 2017