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Maintain Don't Gain 

Thank you to everyone that participated in this season's program! Over 20 teams and indivuduals lost a combined 128 pounds - an average of 1.2 pounds per person!  

Look for the program to return over the 2014 - 2015 Holiday Season.

Maintain Don't Gain is an 8-week weight maintenance program. You will receive weekly e-mails about managing your weight during the holidays. Form a team with 4-6 co-workers to motivate you along the way.  Appoint a team captain that will report your team's weekly progress.

Teams that maintain their pre-holiday weight within 2 lbs will be rewarded.

NOTE: Individual weights are anonymous and never reported. Only team weight changes will be reported (+2, -3, etc.).

2013 - 2014 Winning Teams: 

These teams have maintained their weight, within 2 lbs, over the 8-week program and are eligible to spin the Wellness Wheel for a healthy prize. (Actual team weights are listed on the MDG Google doc which your captain has access to.)

• AHSS Dean's Office – Lost 18.2 lbs
• Catwalk – Maintained their weight
• Don't Judge Us – Lost 5.3 lbs
• Fine Ladies & a Gentleman – Lost 25.4 lbs
• Guilty or Innocent? – Lost 16.5 lbs
• Honor Code Junkies – Lost 3.3 lbs
• How Low Can We Go? – Lost 1.4 lbs
• Ladies and the Tramp – Maintained their weight
• Less of Us for Festivus – Lost 5.2 lbs
• Quatro Shrinko – Maintained their weight
• Relentless – Maintained their weight
• Sugar Plumps – Lost 2.6 lbs
• The No Commitments – Lost 7 lbs
• Thighmasters – Lost .7 lbs
• Totally Maintaining – Lost 10.4 lbs
• We maintain, pop the Korbel Champagne! – Lost 18.6 lbs
• Weapons of Mass Reduction – Lost 6.7 lbs

Spin the Wellness Wheel - Pick up your Prize –
Prize options include: Fitbit Force Activity Tracker, Healthy Cookbooks, Reusable Lunch Bags, T-shirts, Water Bottles, Activity Armbands...


Tracking tools

Individual Tracking Card to keep track of your weekly weight change that you report to your captain.

Team Captain Tracking Card