We are...Womxn! Mind. Body. Spirit.

April 5-9th 2021

This year's theme for HerDU sets out to empower and celebrate ALL women, mind, body and spirit! It welcomes the opportunity for self-reflection and personalization and aspires to highlight shared experiences, build a greater sense of belonging and promote an inclusive community.

In the interest of celebrating women and our commitment to intersectional feminism, the spelling of "womxn", represents that this event is for all cis and trans women, as well as non-binary members of our DU community who are comfortable in a space that centers on the experiences of women.

We are not a monolith group and we look forward to celebrating our community
We are SUPPORTIVE womxn!
We are INNOVATIVE womxn!
We are DU womxn!

We are... Womxn! Mind, Body & Spirit!

Mia Birdsong

Featuring Keynote Speaker Mia Birdsong

Join us for HerDU 2021


HerDU 2021 Schedule

  • Day One

    Monday, April 5, 2021

    HerDU Kick-off!

    11 am – 12 pm MDT |  Virtual (Zoom information will be provided to registrants)

    Opening artist: Felicidad (Feliz) Fraser, vocalist

    Speakers: Women’s Coalition Chair Tali Thomson, Chancellor Jeremy Haefner, Valentina Iturbe-LaGrave, director for inclusive teaching practices, and Provost Mary Clark

    Artist Bio:

    Felicidad Fraser is an LCSW in pursuit of her EdD in Organizational Leadership from Northcentral University. She says "You can take the girl out of Brooklyn, but you can’t take the Brooklyn out of the girl", though she resides in Colorado. She is the past Board President of the NASW-CO, a member and President of the ABSW (Association of Black Social Workers) CO Chapter. She is the recipient of the 2017 Community Service Award and the 2021 Social Work Advocate Award. Much of her time is dedicated to her family, and in servitude to clients, students, and blossoming social workers new to the field. If she/her/hers had to label herself in one word, it would be ADVOCATE, though she prefers few, if any labels at all. She is a one woman calming balm :) 


    Imposter Syndrome | CWC Scholar Engagement Session

    3 pm – 4 pm MDT | Virtual (Zoom information will be provided to registrants)

    Addressing Imposter Syndrome: CWC Leadership Scholars know they and lots of womxn face the challenges of imposter syndrome – in work, in school, in life! Join the scholars for an interactive, story-telling engagement session about addressing the issues of imposter syndrome.  

    Presenters:  Ivon Hernandez, Ariana Ricalday, Kaylin Walters, and Dayanna Rosales

    Presenter Bios:

    Dayanna Rosales is a student at the University of Denver who is majoring in Biological Sciences. She is originally from California but has lived in New York and Denver. Dayanna identifies as a straight, Latina women. She believes that there should be more representation and equity when it comes to being a woman by creating spaces to be more diverse and safe.

    Ivon Hernandez is a first year student at DU and she is majoring in undeclared business and minoring in inclusive leadership. She is from Denver, Colorado. Ivon Identifies as a first generation, Latina woman. She strives to graduate from college & even wants to receive her masters degree.

    Ariana Ricalday is a first year Biology major pursuing a PA career. She was born and raised in Denver Colorado. Her parents are both Mexican immigrants, and she is proud to be a first generation student.

    Kaylin Walters is a first year student at DU. She is from St. Louis, Missouri. She is a double major in psychology and socio-legal studies. Her ultimate goal is to obtain her doctorate in psychology and law degree. She believes the stories of women of color need to be amplified and uplifted in order to make true change in the world.


    Words Matter: Empowering Language in Your Career and Job Search    

    4 pm – 5 pm MDT | Virtual (Zoom information will be provided to registrants)

    Professional writing is a critical skill that can open or close professional doors in your career. However, womxn-identified people can unconsciously use disempowering language in their careers and job search. Learn how to spot this language in your resumes, cover letters and other professional writing, and how to use more empowering language choices.

    Presenter:  Megan Pritchett

    Presenter Bio:

    Megan Pritchett (she/her/hers) is a DU Graduate Career Advisor and is energized by helping others have the clarity, confidence, and strategies to create meaningful work lives. Her areas of career expertise include career changers, professional writing, and navigating online applications. Outside of DU, she owns CareerDork LLC (www.careerdork.com) to provide career coaching services to others outside of higher education. She is originally from Sacramento, CA and has her master’s degree in Career Counseling from California State University, Sacramento. Connect with her on LinkedIn! www.linkedin.com/in/megan-pritchett

    Embracing Our Mind, Body and Spirit: Reflecting on Self-Compassion

    6 pm – 7:30 pm MDT | Virtual (Zoom information will be provided to registrants)

    This workshop aims to provide a space for women to explore and discuss ways to better navigate and support ourselves, and our communities, through self-compassion. It will begin with a brief overview of Kristin Neff’s (2011) self-compassion research to set a foundation for discussion. Attendees will then discuss the obstacles and conflicts we personally face, methods/approaches/habits we find helpful in our roles and creative resources that allow us opportunities to practice self-kindness. Through this dialogue/discussion we can learn from one another, be together, and acknowledge that we are not alone in this confusing world. 

    PresentersEmily Abellon and Anne Walker

    Presenter Bios:

    Emily Abellon is a doctoral student in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Denver. She is a multiracial, cisgender woman, whose cultural background and upbringing has inspired her research and teaching pedagogy. Through researching social support, she seeks to explore how factors such as identity, culture and background influence the ways in which we enact and receive support. Her multicultural background inspires her path in academia, that explores not only social support, but self-compassion, grief, and the importance of studying these diverse perspectives within these contexts to contribute to research on mental health and well-being.

    Anne Walker is a doctoral candidate and graduate teaching instructor in the department of Communication Studies at the University of Denver. A white cisgender woman, she believes in using her privilege to amplify marginalized voices through methods of storytelling and the arts. Her research interests are in the overlap of art, communication, and storytelling across difference. Currently she is focusing on photography as a catalyst for storytelling and has developed a special topics course focused on intergenerational communication and ageism. This community-engaged course enables college students to connect with older adults in conversation through the exchanging of meaningful photographs.

  • Day Two

    Tuesday, April 6, 2021

    All Call Yoga (all levels welcome! With Emily Reaser) 

    7:30 am – 8 am MDT  | Virtual (Zoom information will be provided to registrants)

    Set the tone for the day and for your HerDU conference experience with morning yoga with GSSW alumna Emily Reaser. Focused on healing at all levels (Mind, Body and Spirit), Emily Reaser addresses modern-day ailments, anxiety, over-stimulation, and a sense of disconnection through strength-building sequencing. 

    Presenter: Emily Reaser 

    Presenter Bio: 

    Emily Reaser, a graduate of the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver, has been practicing and studying yoga for over 20 years and enjoys guiding others through their own practices. While seeking a more supportive, healing approach to yoga, Reaser discovered Forrest Yoga and was thrilled to study under the founder, Ana Forrest, while completing her 200-hour teacher training in Bali in Summer 2019. Currently, Emily is teaching yoga and applying her practice in therapeutic sessions. 


    Contemplative Anti-Racism Training

    12 pm – 1 pm MDT | Virtual (Zoom information will be provided to registrants)

    Contemplative Anti-Racism Training is a series of mindful engagements designed to help you live into the complex questions that fuel racial justice work. Within each engagement is an invitation to empathy, through visualization, arts activities, guided association, and guided embodiment.

    Presenter:  Myntha Anthym

    Presenter Bio:

    Myntha Anthym is a queer Black ungendered/femme statistician storyteller (she/hir/they/hym). Their scholarship is grounded in Queer of Color Critique and Black Feminist Thought. Myntha practices contemplative inquiry, including poetic, arts-based, and narrative forms, as well as embodied pedagogy.


    Kathak Yoga: Meditation in Motion & Empowerment through Dance

    6 pm – 7 pm MDT | Virtual (Zoom information will be provided to registrants)

    Kathak Yoga, developed by the legendary Pandit Chitresh Das, interweaves movement, melody, and rhythm to create a practice that pushes the dancer mentally, physically, and spiritually. Explore this dynamic meditation in motion and its impact on the consciousness of the practitioner.

    Presenters: Carrie McCune and Ria DasGupta

    Presenter Bios:

    Carrie McCune started dance classes at age eight and music classes at age eleven. She received a Bachelor’s of Music degree in classical trumpet performance from the University of Denver, began studying kathak with Dr. Sarah Morelli in 2013, and helped found Leela Denver in 2016. Carrie was honored to debut with the Leela Dance Collective in their production Son of the Wind in 2019 and is currently the manager of Leela Dance Collective and a teacher and administrator for Leela Academy. Carrie also performs as a trumpeter and vocalist, touring nationally with indie soul band Mama Magnolia.

    Ria DasGupta trained in ballet and modern dance for 14 years with the Academy of Dance Arts in New Jersey. She was introduced to the world of Indian dance by Malabika Guha, studied Bharatanatyam under Chitra Venkateswaran, and co-founded and performed internationally with Kalamandir Dance Company (KDC). In 2014, she began studying kathak with Seibi Lee, and is a member of the teaching faculty at Leela Academy. In 2017, she was honored to debut with Leela Dance Collective in their production Son of the Wind. Ria is also a diversity, equity, and inclusion professional in higher education.


  • Day Three

    Wednesday, April 7, 2021

    Women's Coalition Awards Ceremony

    10 am – 11 am MDTVirtual (Zoom information will be provided to registrants)

    Join Tali Thomason, Chair of the Women's Coalition, for the presentation of this year's Robin Morgan Outstanding Woman and John Nichols Male Ally awards. 


    Leading with Mindfulness: Womxn's Space and Place

    12 pm – 1 pm MDT | Virtual (Zoom information will be provided to registrants)

    In the midst of balancing academics, work, family, and friends, how can you be mindful when making difficult decisions? How might mindfulness strengthen your capacity for leadership? In this program, participants will be guided through discussion, mindfulness exercises, and learn more about mindfulness-based leadership.

    Presenter:  Audrey Moreno

    Presenter Bio:

    Audrey Moreno is the Assistant Director of Leadership Development and Innovation in the Office of Student Engagement; she also serves as an adjunct instructor and is pursuing her doctoral degree at the Morgridge College of Education. Outside of her time at DU she loves to get outside and be active and read as much as possible.


    Zines are for everyone (except the patriarchy)

    2 pm – 3:30 pm MDT | Virtual (Zoom information will be provided to registrants)

    Zines are self-published, non-commercial, usually print, work. Zines can be a tool to subvert dominant culture and provide expression that captures nondominant narratives. The first half of this session will cover the history of zines, explore example zines, and provide online and in person resources to learn more about zines. During the second half of the session, attendees will participate in making a page for a collective zine, that the presenters will compile and distribute afterwards. Making a zine page is not required to attend the session. 

    Attendees are encouraged to have supplies on hand for making a zine page. Supplies can include papers, scissors, pens, pencils, markers, stickers, pictures, old magazines, etc. Participants are welcome to use digital design tools if they prefer.  

    Presenters: Erin Elzi and Lindsay Gypin

    Presenter Bio:

    Erin Elzi is the Design and Discovery Librarian at the University of Denver. As a white, cis-gendered woman, Erin continues to work on her own inherent biases and tries to use her privilege to address systems of oppression in the library profession and in library services, especially on issues surrounding universal design and accessibility. She has been a zine enthusiast for 20+ years and helped develop the zine collection at the DU Libraries.

    Lindsay Gypin is the Access Services Manager at the University of Denver Libraries. Her research interests include dismantling white supremacy culture and systemic oppression in libraries. She appreciates zines for their unique ability to promote voices of marginalized people and present content that defies societal norms. For her library school internship, she helped catalog zines for the DU zine collection.


    The Real Hua MuLan & Her Relevance for Now

     6pm – 7 pm MDT | Virtual (Zoom information will be provided to registrants)

    "The Ballad of Hua MuLan," is a Chinese legend of a woman disguising herself as a soldier, taking her father's place in the Emperor's army. The original legend (not the Disney versions) contains powerful truths and symbols, timely and fresh. MuLan speaks to the struggles of all women. She reaches across time and cultures to inspire us. All women, and especially Asian American and BIPOC women, deserve to know the true story of this heroine from 6th century China. You may know the Disney movies. They are fun to watch. However, they do not come close to revealing how much MuLan has to teach women in today's world. Each of the 36 lines of the original story/ballad is packed with wisdom and surprises that MuLan wants to share.

    Presenter Christine M. Chao, PhD

    Presenter Bio:

    Christine M. Chao, PhD (DU’81) is a licensed clinical psychologist and Jungian analyst in private practice and a past clinical director and interim executive director of the Asian Pacific Development Center in Aurora, CO where she continues to consult and provide clinical supervision. Dr. Chao’s interests—reflected in her clinical practice, in a variety of publications, and in numerous professional presentations and workshops—include multi-racial identity formation, Asian mental health, and the significance and function of ancestral altars and myths. She also has conducted many workshops on cultural diversity.



  • Day Four

    Thursday, April 8, 2021

    Keynote Speaker: Mia Birdsong

    12pm-1pm | Virtual (Zoom information will be provided to registrants)

    Mia is a pathfinder, community curator, and storyteller who steadily engages the leadership and wisdom of people experiencing injustice to chart new visions of American life. She has a gift for making visible and leveraging the brilliance of everyday people so that our collective gifts reach larger spheres of influence, cultural and political change, and create wellbeing for everyone. Mia’s approach marks a departure from traditional institutionalized change work, which seeks solutions from select “experts,” people often removed from the problems they’re charged to solve.

    She plays an important role in pointing to people’s lived experiences to inform institutional learning and transformation. In How We Show Up, her upcoming book about how we make family and community, Mia charts swaths of community life and points us toward the promise of our collective vitality. In her work as Senior Fellow of the Economic Security Project, she is expanding the current guaranteed income movement by tapping into the voices and visions of low-income people. As a Co-Director at Channel Black, she changed the story and the storyteller when it comes to the lives of people who are marginalized.

    Hosted by Dean Amanda Moore McBride. Interested in Birdsong's book? Buy local from a Black-owned Denver Bookstore Shop at MATTER.


    Healthy Relationships - CWC Scholar Engagement

    3 pm – 4 pm MDT | Virtual (Zoom information will be provided to registrants)

    We are first year CWC leadership scholars presenting about healthy relationships.

    Presenters: Karla Chavez, Ariana Cueves, Camiya Ibanez, and Anahi Mendivil

    Presenters Bios:

    Karla Chavez is a first year DU student majoring in Criminology and Psychology with a minor in Leadership. She was born and raised in Denver, CO, and identifies as a first generation, Latinx, female student. She believes that racial differences should not hold anyone back for furthering their education or reaching their goals.

    Ariana Cuevas is first generation Latina from Aurora, CO, and majoring in Public Policy.

    Camiya Ibanez is a first year student from Denver, CO. Camiya is a queer Indigenous female and musician.

    Anahi Mendivil is a first year student majoring in Hospitality Management with a minor in Leadership Studies. She is from Longmont, Colorado. She identifies as a cisgender, straight, Latina, woman. She believes in promoting equity in education for first generation students and promoting the voices of minorities.


    The Four I’s of Oppression in Professionalism: Womxn in the Workforce

    4 pm – 5:30 pm MDT | Virtual (Zoom information will be provided to registrants)

    Don’t cry at work. You’re overreacting. Put on some makeup and a skirt… sound familiar? Explore and challenge inherent biases in the concept of professionalism -- one that is traditionally rooted in whiteness, patriarchy, and homogeneity. Through personal stories, and by using the 4 I’s of Oppression (ideological, institutional, interpersonal, and internalized) as a frame of reference, we’ll examine how workplace norms affect the mind, body and spirit and will engage with resources to honor your authentic professional self.

    Presenters: Molly Smith and Meghan Montelibano-Gorman

    Presenter Bios:

    Molly Smith (she/her) is a MS in Marketing candidate at the DU Daniels College of Business. In 2016, she earned her BA from Gonzaga University in English with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. She is currently a consultant with the DU Writing Center, a graduate student ambassador for Daniels, and a member of the Daniels DEI Sub-Committee for Graduate Students. Molly lives in Denver on Cheyenne Land with a sweet, chubby dog named Izzy. In her spare time she hosts Did That Age Well?, a comedy/film review podcast.

    Meghan Montelibano-Gorman (she/her) is a doctoral student in DU’s Higher Education program, and has earned her MS in Philanthropic Leadership and her BA in Public Relations and Psychology. As DU’s Alumni Engagement Coordinator, she supports alumni programming serving DU’s network. She is Founder & Principal of tayo, a creative DEI consulting firm, and started “How Do You Say That” a blog for women of color. Her research and advocacy are dedicated to more inclusive and diverse pedagogy and practice in philanthropy. A proud daughter of immigrants, she loves learning Filipino recipes, spending time with her husband, dog, and cats and lives in Denver, Colorado.


    How much is a life worth? Medical rationing: Persons who are Trans* & People with Disabilities

    6 pm – 7 pm MDT | Virtual (Zoom information will be provided to registrants)

    This pandemic has been TOUGH on us all, but some people not only started the pandemic unable to access health care, but the system has also actively chosen to devalue and threaten the lives of trans folx and those with disabilities. This presentation will actively question, debate, and enhance current health care directives and ethical guidelines for medical rationing. Starting with a brief history of our health care system's relationship with trans folx and folx with disabilities, we will discuss COVID specific guidelines today. Participants will collaborate to create their own ethical guidelines and apply them to case studies in a trial-and-error style. Mistakes, curiosity, and righteous anger are all welcome here.

    Presenter: Hollis Lyman

    Presenter Bio:

    Hollis Lyman (she/hers) has experienced first-hand the active discrimination and passive alienation of our U.S. health care & insurance systems. She believes strongly in using ethical medical rationing principles guided by the communities these systems serve. Hollis received her Master's in Sport & Performance Psychology and is now pursuing her Professional Science Master's in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Denver, where she works as a program coordinator for the Colorado OUD/SUD Training program.


    WOCA Yoga with Soulflower

    7pm - 8pm  MDT | Virtual (Zoom information will be provided to registrants)

    Join the Women of Cultural Achievement for a fun and mindful yoga session with Soulflower, a fierce therapist, educator, and curator who works to create intentional spaces and conversations regarding self-care, diversity and liberation.

    Presenter: Soulflower

  • Day Five

    Friday, April 9, 2021

    Closing Keynote with Dr. Apryl Alexander and Dr. Tracie Keesee

    10 am – 11:30 am MDT | Virtual (Zoom information will be provided to registrants)

    Presenters:  Dr. Apryl Alexander, Dr. Tracie Keesee, and LaNaya Butler 

    Opening Musical Act: Alisha Bauer, Cello

    Closing Artist: Jannah Farooque

    Presenter and Performer Bios:

    Dr. Apryl Alexander is an Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of Denver. Her research and clinical work focus on violence and victimization, human sexuality, and trauma-informed and culturally informed practice. She is an award-winning researcher and her work has been published in several leading journals. Dr. Alexander has been interviewed by numerous media outlets, including The New York TimesUSA Today, and NBC Nightly News, about her research and advocacy work. Additionally, Dr. Alexander is also an community organizer with Black Lives Matter 5280 and a board member for the Colorado Juvenile Defender Center. Finally, in 2020, she was appointed to the Denver Citizen Oversight Board.

    Dr. Tracie L. Keesee, is the Co-founder and Senior Vice President of Justice Initiatives of the Center For Policing Equity (CPE). This critical position expands upon the core mission of CPE, “justice through science.” She oversees all law enforcement relationships and program implementation. Additionally, she works closely with communities to ensure their representation and participation in the co-production of public safety. Prior to her return to CPE she served as the first ever, Deputy Commissioner of Equity and Inclusion for NYPD. As the Deputy Commissioner of Equity and Inclusion, Dr. Keesee was responsible for overall organizational development and implementation of the NYPD’s Equity and Inclusion strategic framework. She also served as an advisor to the Police Commissioner on the implementation of accountability systems that monitor training, recruitment, employee opportunities, and complaints in order to help increase the organization’s ability to attract and retain an inclusive and diverse workforce

    LaNaya Butler (she, her, hers) is a Curriculum and Instruction Ph.D student at the Morgridge College of Education. Her undergraduate exploration of Africana Studies and Political Science led her to pursue an M.A. in Conflict Resolution at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies. From this exposure, LaNaya is now interested in cultivating intentional community and transforming harm through restorative justice practices that are grounded in indigenous ethos. In her free time, LaNaya loves catching up with family/friends, taking walks, practicing yoga, drawing, jammin' out, and reading.

    Cellist Alisha Bauer is an active performing, recording and teaching artist in Los Angeles. After graduating from DU with a BM and BSBA degree, Ms. Bauer received a full scholarship to UCLA for a Master of Music degree in Cello Performance During her time L.A., Ms. Bauer has actively performed for the film and recording industries. Recent television and motion picture contributions include Star Trek Discovery, Empire, Moana, and Spiderman-Far From Home. In addition to recording work, Ms. Bauer can be seen and heard in live music. Highlights include collaborations with Bocelli, Chris Martin, Christina Aguilera, and Adele. This past January, Ms. Bauer debuted as a featured artist for the Deutsche Grammophon label with the album "An Evening at Capitol Studios: Bach Recomposed".

    Jannah Farooque is an African American, Muslim, spoken word, visual, and jewelry artist. She’s also a wife and mother of five children. No matter the medium, she pulls her creative inspiration from God and the inherent goodness that we all possess. Her writing is focused on justice and our inward reality. Her visual work is heavily inspired by the global Indigenous community. Jannah uses her work to advocate for many causes from racism to domestic violence. She hopes the totality of her work will help the world remember God and realize that nothing is ever as bad as it seems.


    Project Like A Girl: Women’s Empowerment and Youth Mentorship

    12 pm – 1 pm MDT | Virtual (Zoom information will be provided to registrants)

    We are Project Like a Girl. We strive to empower young girls through education, mentorship, and experience. Join us to learn how we developed and taught an empowerment curriculum to high school girls. After this session, we hope you’re inspired to introduce mentorship and women’s empowerment in your daily lives.                                                                                                                                           

    Presenters: Zoi Johns, Lilli Stone, Tia Polite, and Dajah Brooks

    Presenters Bios:

    Zoi Johns is the youngest of two boys. Needless to say, she knows what it means to fight for her spot at the table. When she was called bossy in elementary school, she took it as a compliment. Zoi loves to do the atypical. She spends her weekends as the youngest, and the only girl, volunteer ski patroller at Granby Ranch. She loves the challenge and as a Rotary ambassador, Zoi is no stranger to speaking her piece in front of a room of men, founding interacts and Rotaract programs in high school and college. She works with an older age bracket during the summer as a counselor at a Youth Leadership conference and witnessed first-hand the effects of gender inequality at all ages. It helps that Zoi is an Anthropology and International Studies student. She loves people—especially our given ability to connect and empathize with each other. 

    Lilli Stone is a student at DU, graduating this June with a BA in English, and minors in Leadership and Socio-Legal Studies. Lilli is passionate about elevating the voices of others, especially youth voices, and firmly believes in the power of sharing stories in cathartic and didactic ways. She had the opportunity to be a middle-school English teacher in Generation Teach’s summer academy and is so grateful to continue mentoring and uplifting youth voices through Project Like a Girl. She aspires to pursue a law degree, to extend her passions for stories and advocacy in the realm of legal social justice.

    As the only girl of 10 cousins, Tia Polite began working as a line cook in Chicago at the age of 16. In a male-dominated environment, she has felt the effects of discrimination, harassment, and disrespect. To combat this, she embarked on a long journey of self-discovery, making her the confident woman she is today. She only wishes that she was better prepared to do so. This want for preparation comes in part from her poorly run sexual education program in the middle in high school which only caused her more distress coming into college. Tia takes her self-awareness and turns it into inspiration. She is a mentor and protégé in Knobel Hospitality and has taken it in stride, becoming a leader, and manager at the end of her first year. Her passion is not only a job but a way of life and wants to build bonds that change lives.

    Dajah Brooks expresses all things inspiration. We are pleased to call sophomore senator in Undergraduate Student Government, treasurer for the African Students’ United, chairwoman for the Sustainability Committee, and Delta Zeta sorority sister as the Fundraising Chair, a team member. The vast experience in different areas on campus brings an insider’s perspective to where the inequality between the sexes exists (hint… it’s everywhere). Her assets are exhibited in her involvement and obvious passion for community change. As a volunteer at the children’s museum and a mentor with Camp Anytown—a leadership institute that empowers young people, she is no stranger to making her knowledge accessible to anyone and everyone. It is obvious that Dajah continues to practice many values that our team holds close in priority. 


    Financial Independence Vision Board - CWC Scholar Engagement

    2 pm – 3 pm MDT | Virtual (Zoom information will be provided to registrants)

    Vision Board

    Creating a Vision for your Financial Future: CWC Leadership Scholars invite you to participate in a week-long HER DU vision board building activity focused on your financial goals! Join the scholars at the end of the week to share your vision board and learn from a financial planning expert.  

    Presenters: Hillary Boakye, Cynthia De Luna-Cervantez, Kiersten Philavanh, Bela Vilela, and Dr. Rosanna Garcia

    Presenters Bios:

    Hillary Boakye is a first-year CWC scholar and perusing a major in Biological Sciences and Spanish. She was born in Kumasi, Ghana and hopes to one day find a career that encompasses her love of science and learning different languages.

    Cynthia De Luna-Cervantez is a first-year student working towards a major in Finance and is member of the CWC's Leadership Program. She has lived in Colorado her whole life. She identifies as a Latina first generation student and is passionate about bridging the generational gap.

    Kiersten Philavanh is a first-year undergraduate student at the University of Denver and a Leadership Scholar with the Colorado Women's College. She is currently pursuing a triple major in Public Policy, International Studies, and History, with a minor in Leadership Studies. Before moving to Denver, she lived and grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado. Kiersten identifies as a cisgender, first-generation Asian-American woman. Her passions include sexual assault awareness, mental health advocacy, and studying diverse cultures.

    Bela Vilela is a first-year student pursuing a Political Science major at DU. She is a Leadership Scholar at the Colorado Women's College Program. She was born and raised in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. She identifies as a latina, bisexual, white, cisgender woman. Bela is passionate about democratizing education across the world, and supporting mental health causes, such as helping suicide-loss survivors.

    Dr. Rosanna Garcia is the Walter Koch Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship at the University of Denver in Colorado. She is a co-founder of the B Academics, an organization dedicated to the study and teaching of business for good. She previously held the position of Chancellor’s Faculty of Excellence in Innovation + Design at North Carolina State University. Previously, Dr. Garcia was an associate professor of marketing and innovation at Northeastern University. She sits on the board of several startups due to her expertise in entrepreneurial marketing. Prior to joining academia, Dr. Garcia spent 12 years working in the telecommunications industry in business development, including starting and selling a small business. As a small business owner, she was elected as a Small Business Association White House Business Council representative for Massachusetts. She has three patents resulting from her time in industry. Dr. Garcia holds a Ph.D. in marketing from Michigan State University and an MBA from the University of Rochester. She earned a BS in chemical engineering and a BA in business economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Dr. Garcia is also CEO and co-founder of Vijilent, a small company that uses artificial intelligence to mine social media for the legal and insurance industries.  

  • Daily Coffee Breaks

    Monday, April 5 - Friday, April 9

    Join Host Tali Thomason for a 30-minute coffee break including breakout room roulette. These daily 9:00 am breaks are a chance to meet women across campus and have casual conversations. 

  • Asynchonous

    CWC Scholars Power of Womxn Coloring Book

    The Power of Womxn Coloring Book: CWC Leadership Scholars created a relaxing coloring book for HER DU participants! The coloring book features a variety of powerful and interesting womxn from across herstory – and each page was drawn by scholar Prashamsa Sapkota. Enjoy learning about important womxn in our herstory and engaging in the relaxing activity of coloring. The coloring book can be downloaded through a digital version or we are giving out printed copies throughout the week (with colors while they last!). 

    CWC Coloring Book
    Download the Coloring Book now!

    Creators:    Yujin Chun, Maddi Montoya, Yozelin Navarro-Araiza, and Prasamsha Sapkota 


    Yujin Chun is from Aurora, Colorado. She is a first-year undergraduate student majoring in computer science with two minors in mathematics and leadership and is interested in doing research at the University of Denver. Her future plans are to possibly move abroad (she currently doesn’t know which country she’ll be moving to), work on research projects related to mathematics and technology, and to explore a lot of cultures to continue becoming more inclusive of others. She had an exciting time creating the coloring book for this year's HERDU because she loves to encourage womxn to become inclusive leaders in their environment(s). 

    Maddi Montoya is a first-year student attending the University of Denver. She identifies as a Hispanic and Caucasian straight female. Her major is Marketing with a minor in Leadership. Her plans for the future are to possibly go into Sports Marketing or Market for a fashion company. She is from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Maddi is involved on campus with her sorority Chi Omega, Happy Tampers, and Undergraduate Women in Business. She is excited about the coloring book because she loves to spread empowerment of womxn and educate others of their impact on its future generations. 

    Yozelin Navarro-Araiza is a first-year DU student who is majoring in Psychology with a double minor in Spanish and Leadership. She is originally from Denver, Colorado but she's proud to be a daughter of immigrants. 

    Prasamsha Sapkota, a first-year student, is a Nepali immigrant who has lived in Colorado for the last eight years. She is planning to major in Marketing along with minors in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and International Business. She identifies as a cisgender woman of color. She loves creating art, volunteering and traveling while learning about new cultures. She dreams of launching her own business that aims to empower women in developing countries and provide them with job opportunities.    


  • Complimentary Events

    Sponsored by C + V, GSSW, and Graduate Appreciation Week

    Community + Values Initiative

    Healthy Snack Break

    The Office of the Provost and the C+V team recognize the importance of good nutrition for a healthy mind and body. Come have a snack pack on us while practicing physical distancing protocols.Grab a coworker, peer, friend, or mentor and come by Tuesdays, 1pm-3pm at the Community Commons.

    When: Every Tuesday, 1pm - 3pm between April 6th and June 1st
    Where: First floor atrium of the new Community Commons, by the central desk


    Coffee and Cocoa Break

    C+V and the Office of the Provost would like to invite you join us for a free cup of coffee or hot chocolate and some human connection while practicing physical distancing protocols. Grab a coworker, peer, friend, or mentor and come by Thursdays, 9am-11am at Beans To-Go Window.

    When: Every Thursday, 9 am - 11 am between April 1st and June 3rd

    Where: Beans To-Go Window located on the east side of the hospitality school facing Anderson Academic Commons


    Graduate Student Appreciation Week

    Games & Grub

    Tuesday, April 6th (3:00 PM - 5:00 PM) | Community Commons 1600 & 1800

    Hosted by the Graduate Student Government, graduate students are welcome to come to hang out and play games with one another in a safe manner. Snacks will be provided! Come and go as you please throughout any point of the event (no need to show up right on time or stay for the full 2 hours). Register Here


    Paint Night

    Wednesday, April 7th (6:00 PM - 8:00 PM) | Community Commons 1600 & ZOOM

    Join artist Lily Gonzalez in a live paint event. She will guide participants through a Colorado-themed painting over the course of two hours.

    There are two ways to enjoy the paint night:

    1- Hang out in the community commons for a socially-distanced paint night with other graduate students

    2- Pick up your supplies in advance and log into zoom to follow along

    Register Here


    Social Hour

    Thursday, April 8th (5:00 PM - 7:00 PM) | Community Commons 1600 & 1700

    Join us for mocktails, appetizers, and deserts! Register Here


    Virtual Casino Night

    Friday, April 9th (6:00 PM - 7:15 PM) | ZOOM

    Participants will compete in four rounds of casino-themed guessing games and trivia. The rounds include Guess the Card, The Wheel Celebrities, and Jackpot Trivia.

    Each round is designed to bring the feel of a Casino Night to a virtual game show format. The best part is that your host is a world-class magician who will perform incredible sleight of hands to reveal the correct answers with a deck of cards using amazing feats of magic! Even better, the event includes a 15-minute magic pre-show performed by your host before the game show starts. In between every round of the game, there is a casino-themed magic trick performed. Winners will receive DU gift baskets! Register Here


    Graduate School of Social Work

    Social Isolation Summit with Priya Parker

    Tuesday, April 6 _12:30pm – 3:00pm) | Virtual


    It’s been a year since we collectively entered a chapter of isolation and physical distance between ourselves and many of our loved ones. How have we changed? What have we learned and how will we connect with more intentionality moving forward?

    Join Priya Parker, acclaimed author of "The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why it Matters" and the host of the New York Times podcast, Together Apart, as we explore the impacts of forced isolation and a more connected future. Attendees will receive a complimentary e-copy of "The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why it Matters."