HerDU & Annual Awards

Hosted by the DU Women's Coalition and Colorado Women's College, HerDU is the University's primary conference and event centered around women's issues. Featuring acclaimed guest speakers from the worlds of academia, entrepreneurship, wellness, art, and beyond, HerDU strives to bridge the gaps between women across fields and industries while fostering a collaborative atmosphere for the sharing of ideas, resources, and support. Workshops and panel discussions facilitate meaningful conversation between groups and perspectives, providing opportunities for networking and coalition-building among women and their organizations. It's also an opportunity to recognize women for their accomplishments in the DU community and beyond.

Mark your calendars! HerDU will celebrate its 26th conference the week of April 5-9th 2021. 

We Are... WOMXN! Mind, Body and Spirit!

This year's theme for HerDU sets out to empower and celebrate ALL women, mind, body and spirit! It welcomes the opportunity for self-reflection and personalization and aspires to highlight shared experiences, build a greater sense of belonging and promote an inclusive community.

In the interest of celebrating women and our commitment to intersectional feminism, the spelling of "womxn", represents that this event is for all cis and trans women, as well as non-binary members of our DU community who are comfortable in a space that centers on the experiences of women.

We are not a monolith group and we look forward to celebrating our community
We are SUPPORTIVE womxn!
We are INNOVATIVE womxn!
We are DU womxn!

We are.... Womxn! Mind, Body & Spirit!

Women's Coalition Awards

  • Awards

    Robin Morgan Outstanding Woman Award

    Presented each year by the Women Coalition, the Robin Morgan Outstanding Woman Award recognizes women staff, faculty, students, and alumna who have gone to exceptional lengths to promote and support an empowering environment for women at DU. The award is named for Robin Morgan, a global champion of women's rights and a Visiting Professor in Residence at DU in 1996. First presented in 2001 by the Women's Staff Alliance for Networking and Development, the award seeks to highlight women's accomplishments that reflect the values for which Morgan fought throughout her life.

    To be considered for the Robin Morgan award, the nominee must:

    • Be a current staff, faculty, administrator, alumna, undergraduate student, or graduate student woman at/from DU
    • Have worked at DU for at least two years (for staff, faculty or administrator awards)
    • Is at least in her sophomore year if an undergraduate student, or her second year if a graduate student
    • Promote and enhance the University community by addressing the concerns of women
    • Go beyond her job responsibilities to advocate for DU women through her example and work with other women


    John Nichols Ally Award

    Presented each year to a male of the DU community who demonstrates exceptional dedication to championing women at the University. The John Nichols Ally Award recalls the efforts and sacrifices of its namesake, who was instrumental in creating and growing HerDU for nearly 20 years. Staff, faculty, administrators, and students are eligible for the award, which was first established in 2016.

    To be considered for the John Nichols Ally award, the nominee must:

    • Be a current staff, faculty, administrator, undergraduate student, or graduate student male at the University of Denver
    • Promote and enhance the University community by addressing the concerns of women
    • Go beyond his job responsibilities to advocate for DU women
  • Previous Award Recipients

    Robin Morgan Outstanding Woman Award


    • Lindsay Gypin (2020)
    • Kayla Ham (2019)
    • Debra Mixon Mitchell (2018)
    • Anthea Johnson Rooen (2017)
    • Andrea Sullivan (2016)
    • Nancy Jones (2015)
    • Molly Hooker (2014)
    • Theresa Hernandez (2013)
    • Georgette Kennebrae (2012)
    • Shelley Popke (2011)
    • Jacqueline Sene (2010)
    • Meg Steitz (2009)
    • Susan Rivera (2008)
    • Sarah Tonso (2006)
    • Jan Armani (2005)
    • Anita Johnson (2004)
    • Yasmaine Ford Faggan (2003)
    • Tracie Kruse (2002)
    • Ali Walton (2001)



    • Anne DePrince, PhD (2020)
    • Terri Davis, PhD (2019)
    • Kate Crowe, PhD (2018)
    • Judith Fox, PhD (2017)
    • Jean F. East (2016)
    • Hava Gordon (2015)



    • Theresa Liguori Hernandez (2020)
    • Niki Latino (2019)
    • Nancy Sasaki (2018)
    • Johanna Leyba (2017)
    • Patti Helton (2016)
    • Corinne Lengsfeld (2015)


    Undergraduate Student:

    • Shannon Saul (2020)
    • Kenna Kuhn (2019)
    • Amelia Coomber (2018)
    • Emma Decker & Lori Scott (2017)
    • Brooklyn Batey-Jarmon (2016)
    • Tiffany Wilk (2015)


    Graduate Student:

    • Julie Olomi (2020)
    • Alanoud Alquatani (2019)
    • Jennyfer Mitchell (2018)
    • Lauren Nelson (2017)
    • Whitley Lehto (2016)
    • Sarah Olivier (2015)


    John Nichols Ally Award

    • Kyle Inselman (2020)
    • John Gudvangen (2019)
    • Gregg Kvistad (2018)
    • Art Jones (2017)
    • John Nichols (2016)
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