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The Point, Occasional Newsletter of the University of Denver Writing Program

#17 Autumn 2018

In this issue we talk about a national writing conference that the program hosted in July that drew professors from 36 states. We introduce a new book in which 13 DU professors discuss how they distinguish strong student writing from average. We explain opportunities for students and faculty through the Writing Center. And we provide a resource to help students evaluate sources. 

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# 16 autumn 2017

In this Autumn 2017 issue, read about our summer symposium with guest speakers from the field of Rhetoric and Composition, the first cohort of DU undergraduate Writing Minors, our Encountering Stories event celebrating the One Book One DU project, Writing Program faculty accomplishments, fourth-year faculty Professor Polly Reid, and our two new Writing Program Professors Zoe Tobier and Aubrey Schiavone.

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#15 Winter 2017

This issue includes new published research in Writing in ASEM; information about an upcoming talk on the "Rhetoric of Demagoguery" by Patricia Roberts-Miller; highlights of an essay by Doug Hesse published in The Chronicle of Higher Education: "We Know What Works in Teaching Composition"; details of the 2017 Writing Lunch series; and bios of three new Writing Program faculty members. 

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#14 Winter 2014

Newsletter Articles include the following: 

#13 Spring 2013

Newsletter Articles include the following:

#12 Fall 2012

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Newsletter Articles include the following:

#11 Feb. 2012

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Newsletter Articles include the following:

Can Computers Grade Writing? Should They?
"Use MLA. Write from Your Heart:" The 2012 Survey of First-Year Writers
Beyond Google Scholar: Goals of WRIT 1133
Writing Center at Large: A Conversation with Eliana Schonberg

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