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Advanced Seminar (ASEM) Overview

All undergraduates at the University of Denver are required to take an Advanced Seminar, an upper-level course capped at 15 students. Complete information about ASEM, including course proposal forms, is on the ASEM Portfolio.

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    While knowledge and professional skills found in a student's major and minor are important foundations for accomplishment, successful individuals also must be able to navigate a complex political, social, cultural and economic environment that challenges more traditionally limited concepts of higher education and competencies. To help students better understand the demands of contemporary life, instructors teach an advanced seminar based in their area of expertise and passion. The topic will be approached from multiple perspectives in a course designed for nonmajors. Studying in this setting, students demonstrate their ability to integrate different perspectives and synthesize diverse ideas through intensive writing on that topic. This course must be taken at the University of Denver. Students must complete all other common curriculum requirements before taking the Advanced Seminar.

    Anderson Academic Commons from the Humanities Garden