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Poster Printing

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Poster Printing Policies

The Writing Program can offer poster printing to DU students, faculty, and staff under certain circumstances, some of them for free and some for a nominal fee.

Please note we are not a print shop, but a department offering to share its resources. It generally takes 15 minutes to print a poster and we have no dedicated staff doing this work; poster printing happens in the margins of staff time.

We print posters for research or academic presentations, not promotional purposes except in rare circumstances negotiated in advance.

Free Poster Printing

For specific, identified events, such as the Undergraduate Research Symposium or COMPosium, we offer students free printing if they attend one of our Poster Designing workshops. Well in advance of the event in consultation with organizers, we schedule one or more workshops that teach students composing and design strategies and techniques for creating posters. Students sign up for a workshop. After successfully completing it, they are given a "license" for one free printing.

Paid Poster Printing

On an available-capacity basis, we are happy to print research or academic posters for students, faculty, and staff, for a nominal cost. With 7 or more days' notice, the cost is $10. With 3-6 days' notice, the cost is $20. Almost never can we print posters with less than three days notice. Why the lead time and different charges? Again, please recall that we're not a dedicated print shop. We have to find time in busy staff schedules to provide this service. We strongly recommend advance notice of one week or more, especially because we have more limited availability during busier parts of the quarter.

Technical Details 

Posters must be sent in a high-resolution .jpg format and, generally, sized 36" x 42." We cannot accept any file format other than .jpg. Please ensure that any images are of a high quality. If you send a low-resolution image, it will turn out grainy, and we will not re-print. Detailed instructions for designing posters can be found here.


Payment can be made with cash or check made out to the University of Denver Writing Program; we have no capability to accept credit or debit cards. Payment must be made upon picking up the poster. Please arrange for poster printing by contacting [email protected], 282 AAC. We can also answer questions and share more details.

What about printing posters assigned for classes?

The Writing Program will offer numerous workshops throughout the year open to students who need to create research posters. (These workshops will be generally organized by the Writing Program, and open to all interested students as space permits). Students who complete one of those workshops will have free printing of one poster. Students may, of course, arrange to have their posters printed at a cost that's a fraction of what a Fedex or similar shop would charge.

Questions about policies?

Contact [email protected] or Doug Hesse.

other printing on campus

If you need a poster printed last minute or our office is unable to accommodate you, the DU Quick Copy Center offers poster printing with a 24 hour turnaround and competitive pricing. They're also able to print glossy posters. Contact them at [email protected]; they're located inside the DU bookstore in Driscoll.