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Teaching Resources


Professional Resources for Writing Professors

Below is a list of relevant and important professional resources for writing teachers, which includes key organizations and their journals, significant publishers and series in rhetoric and composition, as well as a great introductory resource. Or view pdf here.


Please select one of the following topics to learn more:

Key organizations and their journals

Conference on College Composition and Communication

  • College Composition and Communication
  • College English

National Council of Teachers of English

  • English Journal
  • Voices from the Middle
  • Research in the Teaching of English
  • Language Arts
  • English Education

Associated Writing Programs

Council of Writing Program Administrators

  • Writing Program Administration

TwoYear College Association

  • Teaching English in the TwoYear College

Rhetoric Society of America

  • Rhetoric Society Quarterly
Other significant journals in rhetoric and writing

Written Communication
Rhetoric Review
Composition Studies
Computers and Composition

Significant Publishers and Series in Rhetoric and Composition (beyond NCTE)

National Council of Teachers of English

Studies in Writing and Rhetoric Series

Southern Illinois University Press

Heinemann Publishers

Heinemann books on K12 writing

University of Pittsburgh Press Series in Composition, Literacy, and Culture

Utah State University Press

Hampton Press Series on Research and Teaching in Rhetoric and Composition

SUNY Press Series in composition and rhetoric

Teachers College Press Language and Literacy

Parlor Press

Bedford St. Martin's Professional resources