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University Writing Program

Welcome to the University Writing Program

[email protected] speaker series

The Writing Program's series "[email protected]" showcases working writers in a variety of fields, allowing students to hear from career professionals about the various kinds of writing they perform in their jobs.  We're still working on speakers for the spring quarter, so make sure to check back here. 

Past Writers:

Wednesday, February 27, 6-7 pm, The Loft, AAC 340
Ryan Ellis, founder and president of Red Egg Marketing. Mr. Ellis, a graduate of Stonehill College, runs a local marketing agency specializing in helping small Denver businesses create and grow their online presence.

Wednesday, February 20, 6-7 pm, AAC 301
Savannah Barry, criminal defense investigator, Colorado State Public Defender's Office. Ms. Barry is a recent graduate of DU who has been investigating crimes for over a year.

Wednesday, February 13, 6-7 pm, The Loft, AAC 340
Larry Goldman, a senior director of Product Marketing at Spinnaker Support. A graduate of Cornell, Mr. Goldman has worked in marketing for over 20 years at various companies, including Hyperion and Oracle.

Tuesday, February 5 from 6-7 pm, Margery Reed 217
Rob Blume, a trial lawyer and senior partner in the Denver law firm of Gibson Dunn. Mr. Blume graduated from Georgetown Law, is a former federal prosecutor, and has practiced trial law in Denver for over 10 years.

Wednesday, October 10 6-7pm, The Loft
Jen Reeder, freelance writer and president of the National Dog Writers Foundation. 

Wednesday, November 7 5-6pm, The Loft
Mindy Sink, guidebook author, travel writer, health writer, and author of Colorado hiking guidebooks.

writ large, vol. 8

When a group of DU Writing Program faculty conceived of publishing WRIT Large in the fall of 2011, we envisioned a space to celebrate undergraduate writing and research, both from our own WRIT classes and in the writing students engage in across campus and beyond. Over the last 7 years and 7 volumes of WRIT Large, the faculty editors have worked with 63 student authors and 19 student editors in our efforts to make student writing more visible on the DU campus. In the process, we have collectively created a robust archive of outstanding student work, mostly in the form of a print journal.

This year, we want to reflect back and call attention to some of our favorite writing from the volumes we've published so far. In the coming months, we will showcase a trio of essays focusing on a theme we saw emerging from our pages. Without further ado, we present the first issue of volume 8: "Writing the Self."

2018 cccc regional conference

The University of Denver Writing Program was proud to host the 2018 CCCC Regional Summer Conference July 20-21, 2018. Over two hundred people from across the country attended the conference on the University of Denver campus. The program featured 6 workshops led by University of Denver faculty and staff, a Research and Teaching forum, 42 panels, and a keynote speech by Howard Tinberg, Professor of English at Bristol Community College. Howard's keynote can be viewed here. We're grateful for everyone who attended, as well as the planning efforts of NCTE, CCCC, and the DU Writing Program. 

CCCC conference


The mission of the DU Writing Program is to create a robust culture of writing on campus by helping students develop the complex writing abilities needed in contemporary academic, professional and civic life, by helping faculty develop the knowledge and practices they need to support students in this development, and by providing nationally-recognized models for colleges and universities seeking exemplary practices in teaching and supporting writing.