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DU Writing Requirements

All undergraduate students at the University of Denver are required to complete the first year writing sequence of three classes, which includes the First-Year Seminar (FSEM 1111) and the Writing and Rhetoric requirement, including WRIT 1122 and WRIT 1133.

Mary Reed and Fall Leaves

Step #1

The first class students take when coming to DU is a First-Year Seminar (FSEM) during their first fall quarter. The professor for this class also serves as the student's academic adviser for the first year. Click for more information.


WRIT 1122: Rhetoric and Academic Writing is taken by first-year students during the winter, after they complete FSEM 1111.

Or, students with appropriate AP or IB scores are eligible to take WRIT 1622: Advanced Rhetoric and Academic Writing instead of WRIT 1122, and it fulfills the Rhetoric and Academic Writing Requirement. View the AP or IB score information here. If a student is admitted to DU's Honor's Program, they would need to take WRIT 1622, if their scores are not satisfied by an AP or IB score.


After a student has completed WRIT 1122 (or WRIT 1622) they must take WRIT 1133: Writing and Research to complete the Writing and Rhetoric requirement.

Or, if a student has appropriate AP or IB scores, or the permission of the director of the Writing Program, that student can take WRIT 1633: Advanced Writing and Research to complete this requirement. View the AP or IB score information here.

Or, Honors students must take WRIT 1733: Honors Writing to complete their Writing and Rhetoric requirement as well as specific Honors College requirements. 

For more information about the individual WRIT classes, click here.