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Degree Programs

The University of Denver Writing Program has a long history of publishing student and staff work.

WRIT Large

Our most well-known publication is WRIT Large. A journal of undergraduate research and writing at DU begun in the winter of 2012, WRIT Large serves as a resource and teaching tool for our faculty, as well as a source of inspiration for students in our WRIT classes. WRIT Large is published every year in the spring and highlights an exemplary array of academic writing across disciplines. Students write on a range of topics from analyzing the benefits of alternative education models ("I Am Mu" by Peaches Aragon) to lessons from Gwinch'In indigenous resistance in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ("My Grandfather's Nose" by Kengo Nagaoka) (WRIT Large Vol. 7 2018). WRIT Large was started by Liz Drogin, Megan Kelly, Heather Martin, and Juli Parrish. More information WRIT Large, as well as past issues, can be found here.

 WRIT Large 18 cover image wl toc 18

Many Voices, One DU

In the fall of 2016, DU commenced the "One Book, One DU" initiative, a university common reading program for first year students. The Writing Program, spearheaded by Lauren Picard, responded with "Encountering Stories." This event celebrated and showcased first-year writers' responses to DU's One Book, One DU prompt. We displayed all genres of responses – essays, drawings, videos, oral performances, comic books, and more. In May of 2017, we published "Many Voices, One DU," a collection of stories and essays from undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, staff, and faculty across campus. The book honors the many voices that combine to form our DU community. In October 2017, we hosted the second iteration of Encountering Stories, and in May 2018, we published the second volume of "Many Voices, One DU."

Advanced Seminar

Additionally, the Writing Program has supported writing in Advanced Seminar (ASEM) through a series of workshops and publications. Links to those publications can be found here