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Volume 4

WRIT Large

Spring 2015: Volume 4

Each year our students produce an exemplary array of academic writing across disciplines, and WRIT Large gives some of them an audience beyond their instructors and classmates. We are consistently impressed by the variety we see in student writing at the University of Denver: variety in the methods they employ, the theories that ground and prompt their thinking, the creativity they display in finding new ways to write about familiar and not-so-familiar topics. We invite you to peruse the 2015 issue of WRIT Large, which features the work of 16 undergraduate writers and editors. 


Physics First, Fiction Later
Erika Stith 

Craft Brewing & Community: The Case of Wynkoop Brewing Co.
Breanna Demont

Bury My Kart at Wounded Thumb
Isaiah Thompson

Not So Different After All: Examining the Stereotype of College Athletes
Alexa Heupel, Mickey Martin, & Madelaine Momot

The ANWR Controversy
Tucker Van Lier Ribbink

Excavating Cool: An Analysis of Hipsterism and Why it Matters
Nicole Batrouny 

Pictures & Perceptions of a National Park: Zion’s Forgotten Past
Alex Clinton

Campbell’s Chicken Soup for the Stamps: A Performance Ethnography
Tim Carlin 

Medical Condition: 5-Paragraphitis
Jake Sigmond 

Notes on Cupcakes
Kierra Aiello 

“Conceal, Don't Feel":  A Queer Reading of Disney’s Frozen
Kade Wilson

Afterword: A Note from the Student Editors