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Degree Programs

Minor in Writing Practices

Adding Future Courses

Courses that meet criteria of increasing knowledge of the theory, history, and research on writing or of developing writing ability may be added to the minor. 

Courses approved for the “Theory, History, and Research in Writing” component will meet the following criteria:

  • Writing and content clearly related to writing will be the central focus of the course and centrally represented through required readings, etc.
  • Course goals and learning outcomes will emphasize acquiring and demonstrating knowledge about writing theory, history, or research
  • The sponsoring department, through its chair, approves the course for being offered in the minor.

Courses approved for the “Applied Writing” component will meet the following guidelines

  • The main subject and focus of the course will be on developing writing ability. In other words, the course will be about learning to write within a specific genre or discipline, including instruction to those ends, not just contain significant quantities of writing.
  • The course content and pedagogy will explicitly be informed by current scholarship and teaching practices on writing
  • Students’ own writings should be a substantial focus of the course.  For example, students should have substantial opportunities to receive feedback on their work from the instructor and peers.