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University Writing Program

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Minor in Writing Practices

The Minor in Writing Practices develops writing proficiencies and knowledge at a time when employers assert that writing abilities are paramount, when writing shapes civic thought and action, when writing is a means of personal development and social interaction, when writing is inflected by evolving technologies.  The minor is open to all undergraduates who have successfully completed WRIT xx22 and xx33 and are interested in honing their writing, furthering their understanding of concepts and theories, and demonstrating their abilities to employers and others. Students will complete at least 20 credits of courses culminating in a formal portfolio of their work:

  • WRIT 2000: Theories of Writing (4 credits)
  • Two courses from a list of approved Applied Writing courses (8 credits)
  • One course from a list of approved Theory, History, or Research in Writing courses (4 credits)
  • WRIT 3500: Capstone: Writing Design and Circulation (4 credits)

Students select approved courses from several departments and programs, including Writing; English; Media, Film, and Journalism Studies; Communication Studies; Theater; Business; and Anthropology. These multiple sites offer flexibility and breadth.  That said, the minor can be completed entirely from WRIT offerings alone.

Admission to the Minor requires successful completion of the first year writing sequence.

Minor in Writing Practices Checklist

Requirements for the Minor

20 Credits, Distributed as Follows

 Introduction (4 credits)  
 WRIT 2000  Introduction to Theories of Writing   4
 Theory, History, Research in Writing (minimum 4)                                                                 
 ANTH 2020  Artifacts, Texts, Meaning  4
 ANTH 3060  Cultural Narratives  4
 COMN 2150  Rhetorical/Critical Communication  4
 COMN 2300  Fundamentals of Argumentation  4
 COMN 2400  Landmarks in Rhetorical Theory  4
 EDPX 2200  Cultures in Emergent Digital Practices  4
 MFJS 2100  Culture, Media and Power  4
 ENGL 2815  Rhetorical Principles  4
 ENGL 3815  Studies in Rhetoric  4
 ENGL 3817  History of Rhetoric  4
 ENGL 3818  Composition Theory  4
 WRIT 2500  Topics in Writing Theory and Research  4
 WRIT 3818  Composition Theories and Pedagogies 4
 Applied Writing (minimum 8 credits, from list)  
 ENGL 1000  Introduction to Creative Writing  4
 ENGL 2001/2002/2012  Creative Writing - Poetry  4
 ENGL 2010/2011/2012  Creative Writing - Fiction  4
 ENGL 2021  Business Technical Writing  4
 ENGL 2040  Intro to Publishing  4
 ENGL 3015  Advanced Creative Writing: Non-fiction   4
 ENGL 3021  Professional Writing  4
 MFJS 2140  Newswriting & Reporting  4
 THEA 3711  Playwriting  4
 WRIT 2040  Memoir and Personal Writing  2-4
 WRIT 2050  Rhetorical Grammar  2-4
 WRIT 2701  Topics in Applied Writing  4
 Capstone (4 credits)  
WRIT 3500*   Writing Design and Circulation  4

 *As a capstone experience, WRIT 3500 has a prerequisite of successful completion of WRIT 2000 and a prerequisite completion of or a corequisite in other minor requirements.