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Degree Programs

Minor in Writing Practices

Upcoming Courses

Fall 2017

CRN Course Title Time Days Instructor
3568 WRIT 2000 Theories of Writing 12:00PM-1:50PM M,W Colby, Richard J.
4709 WRIT 2701 Topics in Applied Writing 10:00AM-11:50AM M,W Rhodes, Keith S.
4682 COMN 2400 Landmrks in Rhetorical Theory 10:00AM-11:50AM T,R Hanan, Joshua
3735 EDPX 2200 Digital Practices and Cultures 2:00PM-3:50PM T,R TBA
2726 ENGL 2001 Creative Writing-Poetry 2:00PM-3:50PM M,W Comola, Jessica L.
2368 ENGL 2010 Creative Writing-Fiction 8:00AM-9:50AM T,F Mayer, Mark G.
2072 MFJS 2140 Newswriting & Reporting 2:00PM-3:50PM M,W Matranga, Andrew