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Writing Center


We offer individual and group consultations (free, 45-minute meetings in Anderson 280) to all University of Denver students, faculty, and staff.



Degree of Help Offered

We work on just about any kind of writing, including employment and grad school applications and personal and public writing not assigned for a class. Writers may meet with a consultant to discuss an oral presentation, multimedia project, email, blog, work of fiction, and most other kinds of writing. We work on all aspects of a writing process from brainstorming through drafting, revising, and final drafts.

We focus on introducing practices and habits to writers and helping them implement strategies in order to give them additional tools when writing and rereading their work. These strategies often address grammatical, mechanical, and stylistic concerns, but they do so with a focus on long-term, widely-applicable practices, not on short-term, specific "fixes."

Number of Consultations Offered

The number of appointments available to currently-enrolled students, faculty, and staff depends on the time of quarter:

  • DU undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff may make up to 2 appointments per week. 
  • After those two scheduled appointments, people are welcome to come in without an appointment. If we have a consultant who is free, we are happy to work with you. 
  • We invite alumni to schedule an appointment per week in weeks 1-8 of any quarter; in weeks 9-10, alumni should contact us at to see if we have appointments available.

Number of Online Consultations Offered

Online consultations are limited to 2 per week and 15 per quarter.

Walk-in Consultations

Writers are welcome to walk in without an appointment at :00 of each hour. If we have a consultant free, we will be happy to work with you.

Missed Appointments
We hold all appointments for ten minutes past the hour. After that time, if a writer has not come in for a scheduled appointment without letting us know, we may release that appointment to a waiting writer.


To best prepare for your face-to-face or online consultation, we suggest you re-read your current draft and assignment or instructions while considering what you most want to address with your consultant. 

Consider your writing goals: what would you like to accomplish? What specific challenges are you experiencing? What questions do you have? If you have a longer paper, which section are you most interested in discussing?

Consider your writing history: what kinds of comments have you received from professors, readers, colleagues, peer reviewers, or others on previous writing? What challenges do you face in writing? What strengths do you have a writer? 

Consider your writing process: where are you in the process of this particular piece of writing: first draft? almost finished? When revising, what kinds of feedback and conversation do you find productive? What are your writing habits?

Please bring any relevant materials: hard copy drafts, assignment prompts, notes, texts / source material, laptop, and your ideas and questions.


When you come in for an appointment, the person at the front desk will greet you and may ask if you have a printed copy of your paper (some consultants prefer working that way). They will ask you to have a seat at the front of the room, and when the hour begins, your consultant will come meet you and take you to a table.

Your consultant is likely to begin by asking some questions about your writing goals, your writing history, and your writing process. They will probably ask about the assignment or project you're working on, and they will ask you to help set an agenda for the session. You'll have about 45 minutes to work together.  

In general, you and your consultant may read sections of your paper together out loud or silently. You may also try out new strategies, develop an outline or generate ideas, consult resources, and so on. 

After your consultation is over, your consultant will ask you to offer us some feedback in a quick exit questionnaire. The results of this questionnaire help us to revise and refine our practices. 

We hope that you'll leave with new approaches to writing and new perspectives on your work.


To make an appointment, go to

If this is your first visit, click on "Register for an account"; otherwise, log in, choosing the current term's schedule.

Once you've logged in, you'll see a schedule grid for the next seven days. Click on any white square to make an appointment with a consultant.


If you are enrolled in (or teaching) an online course, enrolled in University College, studying abroad,  traveling on University business (for sports, musical performances, etc.), or live more than 45 minutes from campus, you may make an appointment for an online consultation.

Register and log in as described above, choosing the current Online Consultations schedule.

Click on any white square, and be sure to select "Online appointment" in the drop-down menu. When you receive your confirmation email, please click on the link to instructions for online appointments. You can also access those instructions here.

Please note: online consultations are limited to TWO per week per writer, with a maximum of 15 per quarter.