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Meet Our Staff

Our current staff is made up of graduate and undergraduate students from across a range of disciplines and majors, from accounting to art history, economics to education.
Thirii  Kirsten
Kirsten is an advanced standing master's student in the Graduate School of Social Work with a concentration in children and youth. She doubled majored in Social Work and Sociology with a minor in Social Justice from the University of Portland in Oregon and would love to return someday as she misses the rain. She is a bit obsessed with her boston terrier Brody and animals in general so she loves seeing pictures of other people's pets!

Thirii  Madison
Madison is an undergraduate working towards a double major in Psychology and English. She enjoys reading poetry, road trips, and spending time with loved ones.

Thirii  Erinrose
Erinrose is a fiction writer and DU PhD candidate in creative writing. She received her MFA from Washington University in St. Louis. Her work has appeared in The Collagist, Passages North, DIAGRAM, and elsewhere. She enjoys snacks, puzzles, and Post-It doodles.

Tamarranew  Tamarra
Tamarra is a senior studying English and Theatre. Her favorite pastimes are writing in her journal, reading, and going to the movies.

kaeyn  Kaelyn
Kaelyn is an MA candidate in International Security at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies. She holds a BA in Spanish from UCLA and is passionate about all things Latin America. She enjoys traveling, loves to eat, and is super into reading, writing, and writing. 

Thirii  Pat
Pat is currently pursuing a Masters in Professional Creative Writing. He pretty much uses Goodreads like it is Facebook, has a Harry Potter tattoo, and loves anything SciFi/Fantasy, YA, LGBT, and Horror. When not writing, he is consuming as many books as possible, running, or being a poli sci/history geek.

Thirii  Chelsie
Chelsie is a first year undergrad at DU. She plans to study Computer Science and Game Design. That is, she is not swept away from her studies to be the heroine of a YA paranormal romance novel. Her superpowers include drinking an adequate amount of water daily, avoiding work on her webcomic, and utilizing Oxford commas. She thinks you are an exceptional human being.

Thirii  Kayla
Kayla is a first-year graduate student working towards an MA in Forensic Psychology. Though she was born in Colorado, she was raised in rural Nebraska and therefore must be a Huskers fan by default. In her free time she enjoys attempting yoga, playing volleyball, bothering her friends for book suggestions, and drinking too much coffee.

Thirii  Elizabeth
Elizabeth is a first year PhD student in Literary Studies who specializes in nineteenth-century American literature. She holds an MA in English Literature from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and a BA in English from Sewanee: The University of the South. In addition to all things literary, Elizabeth enjoys dancing, skiing, hiking, and playing with her dog, Pip.

Thirii  Makenzie
Makenzie is third-year transfer student majoring in psychology and anthropology. In the future, she hopes to become a professor of psychology and do research on cross cultural human sexuality. Makenzie spends most of her free time taking care of her Australian Shepherd puppy, Zoey.

Thirii  Kelly
Kelly is a PhD candidate in English: Creative Writing. She has an MA in Gifted/Talented Education and an MFA in Creative Writing. For the last eight years, she taught a little bit of everything at Montessori elementary and middle schools. Students referred to her as "the grammarcorn" (grammar unicorn). Current story-writing research includes botany, China, sci-fi, geometry, and the history of mathematics.

Thirii  Rachel
Rachel is an undergraduate Theatre and English major who spends her free time memorizing IMDb pages and listening to the Beach Boys. She enjoys movies, poetry, southern gothic fiction and John Hughes. She would love to help you with your writing.

serge  Serge
Serge is a student in the Masters of Library and Information Sciences program at DU. He graduated from Ripon College in 2015 with a degree in English, Film & Media Studies, and Music. In his spare time, Serge enjoys listening to jazz, reading foreign literature, and writing.

Thirii  Janine
Janine Gastineau is a graduate vocal major in Jazz Performance at DU's Lamont School of Music at DU, but she secretly wishes she possessed the standup comedy gene, or had been born early enough to be one of Elvis Presley's backup singers. Janine spent a decade as a freelance arts journalist, writing dance profiles and reviews for local and national publications. She's been known to break spontaneously into dance at the sound of any Motown hit song.

Thirii  Autumn
Autumn is a first year English major concentrating in Creative Writing coming all the way from Texas. From literary arguments to horror stories to spoken word, she loves to write in every form. Her hobbies include spazzing over animals, watching awful horror movies, and fighting for whichever cause she feels she needs to that day. One day she wants to turn this activism and standing-up-for-the-voiceless thing into a career.

Thirii  Eszter
Eszter has been teaching writing and literature for fives years and adores it. Though she is originally from Hungary, she grew up in Los Angeles. I just moved to Denver from Arkansas to pursue my PhD in creative writing. Her favorite novel is The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. She challenges anyone to find a sentence in that book that isn't pure poetry or magical in some small but significant way. In her spare time she paints, takes photos of stuff, watches Grey's Anatomy, and strikes up long personal conversations with strangers at airports.

Thirii  Maggie
Maggie is an undergraduate Art History and English major who, unfortunately for her friends, excels at puns. She is currently building a fortress of books in which she can one day live. She will find any excuse to go to a museum, especially if it involves a visit to the planetarium. If she was not here at DU, she would be living out of her car on the beach.

olivia  Olivia
Olivia is a PhD candidate in Literary Studies. She loves to write, wander in her native Colorado, drink tea, and help plants/ideas/writers grow. She also loves beets, clouds, and British connections, and is currently fascinated by the Irish language, theater and performance, and all the questions she can't yet answer.

Thirii  Summer
Summer is a third-year student here at DU studying Mechanical Engineering. She loves to read and write fantasy stories. Her hobbies include running and watching her favorite TV shows like Game of Thrones and browsing websites like Buzzfeed.

Thirii  Alicia
Alicia is originally from Georgia, is a poet, and is a PhD candidate in creative writing at DU. She's lived in Vermont, where she attended Middlebury College, Brooklyn, where she worked in publishing, and she earned her MFA from the Iowa Writers' Workshop. Some things she likes are antiques, whitewater paddling, and singing with her dog, Tilly. Her website is

Thirii  Erika
Erika is pursuing an MS in Marketing at the Daniels College of Business. Her undergraduate degree from DU was in English: Textual Studies and Psychology. She enjoys trying new recipes, reading and writing poetry, and traveling. And, she loves all things yellow.

Thirii  Brian
Brian is a poet-songwriter, and a Creative Writing PhD candidate at DU. He has released books and albums with a variety of publishers and record labels, and tours both nationally and internationally with his band the Family Trade. He lives in Boulder, where he moonlights (often literally) as a rock climber. Sample words and music are available at

Thirii  Justin
Justin is a PhD candidate in creative writing. Originally from West Virginia, he holds degrees from Harvard University and the Iowa Writers' workshop. He spends lots of time reading pop sci articles, admiring trees, and eating too much hot sauce.

Thirii  Willow
Willow was born and raised in Alaska, but has lived in Scotland for the past 14 years – most of her adult life. She is a first-year graduate student working towards her EdS in Child, Family, and School Psychology. She brought her husband and two little boys with her to Denver, a big and exciting change for all of them. She plays cello and guitar, and loves listening to music of almost every genre. She also loves being outdoors (especially in the wilderness), cooking and eating good food, traveling and dancing. One of her favorite things about her life is that she gets so many opportunities to meet new people.

Thirii  Zoey
Zoey is an MSW candidate in the Graduate School of Social Work. She holds an MFA in nonfiction from the University of Montana and a BA from Wesleyan University in American Studies. Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, she loves the Rocky Mountains, short memoirs by female writers, and the Proust Questionnaire.

buchtel Sydney
Sydney is an undergraduate student studying English and Socio-Legal Studies. She loves reading, especially non-fiction. She is from Colorado Springs, and she loves dogs an obnoxious amount.

Thirii  Keylen
Keylen is a 4th-year double major in journalism and communication studies. She is a strong advocate for the Latino community, especially with issues pertaining to immigration reform, undocumented students and DACA. She is a huge dog lover and has an old English bulldog and a chihuahua.

Thirii  Alicia
Alicia is a queer second-year poet in the PhD program. Her first collection, High Ground Coward, won the 2017 Iowa Poetry Prize. She rides bikes, teaches undergrad courses, and loves cheese. Alicia was an original participant in Noah's famous "Question Wednesday" trivia challenge. More info on Alicia's poem work can be found at

buchtel 1 Taylor
Taylor is a poet and writer from Chicago. She earned her MFA in southern Minnesota where she also led writing workshops for a community theatre group focused on accessibility and inclusion. Currently a doctoral candidate in literary studies, her interests include experimental form, cognitive science, and disability studies. 

Thirii  Dennis
Dennis is a writer and a PhD student in creative writing at DU. He likes to run, trim his own hair, and facilitate out-of-the-box thinking and writing. He also has a thing for Antarctica. He has never been there. But someday he will go.

Thirii  Maya

Maya is an undergraduate studying Spanish and Political Science. She is from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is passionate about social justice, enjoys reading, and listens to a lot of show tunes.

buchtel Zach

Zach is an undergraduate with a double major in English and German as well as a minor in Business. He is from the Bay area in California and enjoys skating with friends, working on his music review site, and watching movies. When he is not working on writing projects, he is either reading or listening to and researching music.

 Thirii  Sierra

Sierra is a Kansas native and is a second-year MA candidate in International Studies. She enjoys outdoor activities including biking, hiking, running and kayaking. When she isn't practicing a newfound hobby in her spare time, she can be found experimenting with cooking recipes and reading a good book or two by one of her favorite authors.

Thirii  Noah

Noah is a Colorado native who is studying political science at an undergraduate level. He loves to cook, eat, and drink good tea. He also enjoys reading a wide variety of books (especially comic books), so he is always ready to nerd out about something. 

mikayla2 Mikayla

Mikayla is an MA candidate with a concentration in Literary Studies. She received her BA in English Literature and German Language from the University of Wisconsin, La-Crosse. She enjoys both writing and reading, and her favorite activity outside of those is playing tabletop RPGs and video games. She has lived in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Grenoble, Paris, Epinal, Frankfurt, and Berlin.

 Thirii  Rachel

Rachel is an undergraduate double major in Geography and International Studies with a double minor that she won't bother listing since it will probably change several times throughout the quarter. She is from Minnesota and laughs whenever Coloradans describe Denver weather as "cold." She loves reading, hiking, writing, and traveling.

Thirii  Julia

Julia is a second year MA student in Literary Studies. She is from Torrance, CA and received her BA in English Literature from Loyola Marymount University. Before moving to Denver, Julia worked as a founding educator for the Los Angeles Galaxy Academy, a high school program for elite young athletes. She loves yoga, coffee, watching soccer, and talking to dogs.

Thirii  Mica

Mica is a senior majoring in creative writing and minoring in both sociology and writing and rhetoric. When she's not at the movies sobbing about a minor character's death, she's at home obsessing over the characters she's writing about. Fiction has been a longtime passion for her, and her dream is to share the stories she's written and rewritten with the world.

 Thirii  Casey

Casey is pursuing her doctorate in clinical psychology, and she arrived here by way of literary analysis; somewhere along the way, she made the leap from books to people. In that process, she took a detour into ecology and spent several years studying forests. She likes to get lost in the mountains, whether on foot, on skis, on wheels, or on rope. Casey would like to think that if she were a planet, she would be Saturn, but in reality, she would be Pluto.

Thirii  Alison

Alison is a PhD candidate in Literary Studies with many literary interests, all of which she hopes to swirl into an original and useful idea. She was born in the mountains of Colorado where she learned to spend large amounts of time outside. When travelling, she insists on visiting public libraries especially if it displaces anything to do with water. Water sports are for zpeople who don't have mountains.

Thirii  Kaya

Kaya is a first-year college student at DU and is currently studying Undeclared Business but hopes to declare Marketing as her major. She has lived in 4 countries throughout her life (Brazil, USA, Argentina, and Mexico) and can usually be found with either a cup of chocolate milk or Starbucks in her hand.