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Meet Our Staff

Our staff is made up of graduate and undergraduate students from across a range of disciplines and majors, from accounting to art history, economics to education.




John is a second year MA candidate with a concentration in Literary Studies. A native of middle Tennessee, he holds a BA in history. John is particularly interested in the intersection of literature and popular culture, and his research interests include the Western fiction of Cormac McCarthy and the films it has inspired. An avid outdoorsman and cyclist, John lives in Denver with his wife Emily and their dog Julian. 



Nicole is an Accounting major with minors in Writing and Economics. She sometimes write short journal entries or blogs as a way to express herself. Her hometown is the size of DU's Undergrad population. She loves watching hockey, and some day hopes to make it to every NHL Rink as well as all 50 states.



Paige is a Gender and Women's studies major with a Communications minor. She is from California and has a dog named Fate that she tries not to miss everyday. When she's not writing you'll usually find her reading about everything from intersectional feminism to dead musicians and drinking too much tea while listening to old Beatles records.



Thirii is a prose writer and a Ph.D. candidate in English-Creative Writing. She enjoys writing down her dreams, writing postcards, and writing to-do lists. She has lived in Yangon, Bangkok, San Jose, Providence, Madrid, South Bend, and now Denver, and hopes to keep moving around. Her favorite activities are eating and reading.



Tamarra is an undergrad majoring in English literature. She may enjoy pina coladas. She's never had one so she can't be sure. She does not enjoy getting caught in the rain, because it makes her hair frizzy. She does, however, absolutely enjoy writing, and would love to help you with yours.



Born in California, Diana is currently a PhD candidate in creative writing at DU. She makes pies, poems, and textiles and is the part-time social media manager for her dog, Beckett. Check out her work on her website:



Evan graduated from the University of Georgia in 1998 with a bachelor's degree in journalism. He spent much of his career producing news for CNN in Atlanta and New York City. He is currently pursuing a graduate degree in higher education (student affairs) from the Morgridge College of Education at DU.



Rachel  is an undergraduate Theatre and English major who spends her free time memorizing IMDb pages and listening to the Beach Boys. She enjoys movies, poetry, southern gothic fiction and John Hughes. She would love to help you with your writing.



Maggie is an undergraduate Art History and English major who, unfortunately for her friends, excels at puns. She is currently building a fortress of books in which she can one day live. She will find any excuse to go to a museum, especially if it involves a visit to the planetarium. If she was not here at DU, she would be living out of her car on the beach.



Stacey is majoring in English–Creative Writing and Communication Studies because she loves to write and is fascinated by human interaction. Thanks to Dateline and Sherlock, she's also minoring in Criminology. Her hobbies include manga-reading, exercising, and shopping. She genuinely enjoys learning (which could be a hobby, too?) Working as a consultant allows her to support other writers and put her learning to good use, so feel free to come find her at the Writing Center.


Annie is enrolled in the TEP Dual Degree Program and is planning to graduate with a BA in English with a Writing minor and a Masters in Instruction and Curriculum. Originally from Boulder, she loves to hike and ski and has a passion for working with animals. Annie also loves to travel, collects vinyl, and enjoys exploring Colorado. When she's not on campus, you can usually find her at Stella's Coffee Haus making coffee or reading.

brian Brian 

Brian is a poet-songwriter, and a Creative Writing PhD candidate at DU. He has released books and albums with a variety of publishers and record labels, and tours both nationally and internationally with his band the Family Trade. He lives in Boulder, where he moonlights (often literally) as a rock climber. Sample words and music are available at

willow Willow 

Willow was born and raised in Alaska, but has lived in Scotland for the past 14 years – most of her adult life. She is a first-year graduate student working towards her EdS in Child, Family, and School Psychology. She brought her husband and two little boys with her to Denver, a big and exciting change for all of them. She plays cello and guitar, and loves listening to music of almost every genre. She also loves being outdoors (especially in the wilderness), cooking and eating good food, traveling and dancing. One of her favorite things about her life is that she gets so many opportunities to meet new people.

jessica Jessica 

Jessica is a PhD student in the DU/Iliff Joint Doctoral Program in Religion. She has a Master of Divinity degree and a BA in Gender Studies, and enjoys learning about the intersections of religion and gender. Originally from Arizona, Jessica has spent the last few years studying and teaching in North Carolina. She loves musical theater, weird indie movies, and exploring the Colorado wilderness with her partner Mike.

adelle Adelle 

Adelle's personal mission is to become an expert in the economics of the long-term care; and to use her expertise to help develop and monitor utilitarian, and realistic, long-term care policies in the US. She is currently pursuing dual Masters of Arts degrees in Economics and Research Methods and Statistics. Her professional work experience has most recently been data management and outreach at the Denver Center for Innovation of Veteran Centered and Value Driven Care (COIN). For relaxation she runs, and tries to create, and perfect, simple healthful, and efficient recipes that she can cook once and eat all week.

rowland Rowland 

Rowland Saifi grew up in Brazil and Arkansas before attending Naropa University and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is the author of Lit Windows and the novellas The Minotaur's Daughter and Karner Blue Estates. His work has appeared in Fact-Simile, Marginalia, Bombay Gin, Livestock Review, Newfound Journal, and Kneejerk Magazine. He is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Denver in Colorado.

alicia Alicia 

Alicia Mountain is a PhD candidate in poetry. She earned an MFA at the University of Montana and a BA at Barnard College. Her work has appeared in Prairie Schooner, Pleiades, Guernica and elsewhere. She is allergic to cats and almost always hungry.

kyle Kyle 

Kyle is pursuing an MM in Clarinet Performance despite his devoted interest in sharpening pencils for use and then using mechanical pencils most of the time. Other hobbies include buying book shelves way too small for the number of books he owns and actively teaching others how to enjoy the art of conveniently dropping precious things in puddles. Come find him at the Writing Center to experience one of the things he actually does well: helping you succeed in writing!

dennis Dennis 

Dennis is a writer and a PhD student in creative writing at DU. He likes to run, trim his own hair, and facilitate out-of-the-box thinking and writing. He also has a thing for Antarctica. He has never been there. But someday he will go.

khadijah Khadijah 

Khadijah Queen is a poet, playwright, essayist, Prince fanatic, and doctoral candidate in English. She is raising a teenage PC gamer/budding improv actor, and waiting very impatiently for the next season of Game of Thrones to start. She'd love to help you with your writing in the meantime.

sierra Sierra 

Sierra is a Kansas native and is a second-year MA candidate in International Studies. She enjoys outdoor activities including biking, hiking, running and kayaking. When she isn't practicing a newfound hobby in her spare time, she can be found experimenting with cooking recipes and reading a good book or two by one of her favorite authors.

olivia Olivia 

Olivia is a second year Master's student in Literary Studies. Her area of focus (if she just has to narrow it down) is in regional American literature at the turn of the 20th century. She hails from Upper Black Eddy, PA and New York City, and she loves fat pugs and fat bowls of noodles, (especially of the South Asian variety). She lives in Denver with her partner Daniel and her two (human) pets/roommates Evan and Creston.

emily Emily 

Emily Pettit is a poet, artist, editor and teacher from Western, Massachusetts. Emily is a PhD candidate in English-Creative Writing. She received her MFA from the University of Iowa Writers Workshop. She has taught and lectured at Columbia University, the University of Iowa, the University of Massachusetts, Elms College, Smith College and Flying Object. Emily is an editor for Factory Hollow Press and jubilat. Her collection of poems Goat In The Snow was published by Birds LLC.

rachel Rachel 

Rachel is an undergraduate double major in Geography and International Studies with a double minor that she won't bother listing since it will probably change several times throughout the quarter. She is from Minnesota and laughs whenever Coloradans describe Denver weather as "cold." She loves reading, hiking, writing, and traveling.

ashlyn Ashlyn 

Ashlyn is a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in English and History. She enjoys writing expository pieces (yes, even research papers), and has a background in journalism. She is from rural Colorado and has an on-again, off-again relationship with the Denver metropolis. When she is in the city, she loves to visit Denver Public Library branches, fabric stores, and the Botanic Gardens.

jana Jana 

Jana is a second year MA student in Literary Studies. Originally from Chicago, Jana received her BA in English Literature from DePaul University. Her specific interests include gender/feminist theory in literature from a global perspective as well as identity theory in modern and post-modern literature. In her time off, Jana practices/teaches yoga, attends live music shows and poetry readings, and daydreams about the dog she will one day have when she has the time and budget.

julia Julia 

Julia Fleming is a first year MA student in Literary Studies. She is from Torrance, CA and received her BA in English Literature from Loyola Marymount University. Before moving to Denver, Julia worked as a founding educator for the Los Angeles Galaxy Academy, a high school program for elite young athletes. She loves yoga, coffee, watching soccer, and talking to dogs. Julia hopes to explore contemporary literature by Women of Color and representations of female sexuality.

glenn Glenn 

Glenn is a second year student in the Masters of Library and Information Science program, and she has a previous Masters in Literature from Portland State University in Oregon. She also works at the AAC research center, but when she's not in the library, she's probably scolding her dog for eating socks (although he only swallows them about half the time now...).

casey Casey 

Casey is pursuing her doctorate in clinical psychology, and she arrived here by way of literary analysis; somewhere along the way, she made the leap from books to people. In that process, she took a detour into ecology and spent several years studying forests. She likes to get lost in the mountains, whether on foot, on skis, on wheels, or on rope. Casey would like to think that if she were a planet, she would be Saturn, but in reality, she would be Pluto.

alison Alison 

Alison is a PhD candidate in Literary Studies with many literary interests, all of which she hopes to swirl into an original and useful idea. She was born in the mountains of Colorado where she learned to spend large amounts of time outside. When travelling, she insists on visiting public libraries especially if it displaces anything to do with water. Water sports are for people who don't have mountains.

sophia Sophia 

Sophia is a second-year master's student in the Graduate School of Social Work, with a concentration in Sustainable Development and Global Practice. She loves coffee, salamanders, reading, and going on walks. She has a passion for international social work and has traveled to Kenya to work with various NGO's promoting empowerment among girls and women.

dan Dan 

Dan (DT) is a professional snowboard instructor, driver and recovering newspaperman pursuing a graduate degree in the Creative Writing Program at University College. A native of southwest Virginia with a bachelor's degree in Economics and Journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he splits time between Denver and Aspen.

lauren Lauren 

Lauren is an undergrad Marketing major with minors in Business Ethics and Legal Studies and Studio Art. After graduation, she hopes to go on to law school with a concentration in copyright law. Her hobbies include working on her classic cars, flying (she is a private pilot), fencing, and painting. She likes to say she is one cat short of a crazy cat lady and loves her three furballs, Lexi, PQ, and Indy. A Minnesota native, she loves hockey and snowmobiling. One day she hopes to travel the entirety of Route 66 in a classic car.

sophie Sophia 

Sophia is an admin at the Writing Center. This is her first year at DU and she is excited to see what the future holds for her at DU and with writing. She is interested in journalism and history, and loves to write papers secretly. She's happy to be able to help with such a great resource at DU!