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The Writing Center

Meet Our Staff


Admins manage the daily schedule and operations of the Writing Center and assist with marketing, event planning, social media campaigns, and more. 


2             Anna

Pronouns: she/her/hers

My admin style is... patient, bubbly, and kind 

Areas of Study: International Studies, Psychology 

Other Knowledges: beginner level Arabic, painting, skiing

Other Jobs: retail job at Forever 21; internship at 'Sisterhood is Global Institute,' based out of Amman, Jordan

Places I've Lived: My hometown is Anchorage, Alaska

As an admin, I like to... work with writers to meet their individual needs, whether it be scheduling an appointment, registering for an account, or simply understanding how a writing consultation works.





2               Nick 

Pronouns:  he/him/his

My admin style is...  industrious

Areas of Study: International Studies Major; Economics Minor, Socio-Legal Minor

Other Knowledges: Spanish, fishing, mountaineering, skiing

Other Jobs: cowboy in New Mexico, commercial roofer, Boy Scout Assistant Scoutmaster

Places I've Lived: Los Angeles

As an admin, I like to... manage the scheduling system, email account, and phone. I enjoy welcoming people to the writing center.



  1             Sydney

Pronouns: she/her/hers

My admin style is... empathetic, organized, driven

Areas of Study: English: Textual Studies, Socio-Legal Studies, Spanish, Pre-Law 

Other Knowledges: baking, embroidery, speed typing, true crime, jigsaw puzzling, organization, art, LSAT Prep

Other Jobs: Denver District Attorney's Office, Urban Peak Youth Homeless Services, Reading Partners, CAHSS Student Advisory Council

Places I've Lived: Phoenix, AZ; Monument, CO; Denver, CO; Buenos Aires, Argentina

As an admin, I like to... manage our social media accounts and analyze survey data. I enjoy being at the front desk and helping writers get the appointments they need to feel confident about their work.



Our consultants study writing center theory and practice at the graduate level and continue to learn and engage in professional development, continuing education, and research and assessment throughout their time with us. Many of them facilitate workshops, develop new programming, conduct research, and create new resources.


2  Amelia 


Pronouns: she/her/hers

My consulting style is... energetic, goal-oriented, collaborative

Areas of Study: International Studies, Public Policy, Spanish

Other Knowledges: bullet journaling, the Cold War, cutting my own bangs, MLA, Chicago

Other Jobs: ski instructor, hostess, barista

Places I've Lived: Seattle, WA; Denver, CO

In a consultation, I like to... have a candid conversation with the writer about specific goals or concerns, while developing a greater understanding of the writing process through collaboration!



1            Austin 

Pronouns: he/him/his

My consulting style is... friendly, relaxed, cooperative, geek

Areas of Study: International Development, Arabic, Economics and Investing

Other Knowledges: MLA, APA, Chicago, downhill skiing, the NBA, Westworld

Other Jobs: Running a social enterprise startup

Places I've Lived: Mesa, Arizona

In a consultation, I like to... get to know you, chill, collaborate and read through the paper together.


 1               Ben

Pronouns: he/him/his

My consulting style is... excited

Areas of Study: English, Creative Writing

Other Knowledges: personal essays, applications and cover letters, MLA, APA, comics and cartoons

Other Jobs: personal essays, applications and cover letters, MLA, APA, comics and cartoons

Places I've Lived: Leslie County, Kentucky; Morehead, Kentucky; Clarksville, Tennessee

In a consultation, I like to... read a writer's work aloud and discuss it as we go. I enjoy working with writers from different disciplines and learning about new subjects!



2            Clare   

Pronouns: she/her/hers

My consulting style is... explorative, welcoming

Areas of Study: English, Creative Writing, Anthropology

Other Knowledges: MLA/APA citations & styles, romance novel connoisseur, copywriting, adapting to a new environment

Other Jobs: Web copywriter

Places I've Lived: Lake George, NY; Denver, CO

In a consultation, I like to... challenge conventions of the writing process by exploring the use of physical props to organize and reflect upon ideas. I like to engage with diverse writing and learning styles.



2             Elijah

Pronouns: he/him/his

My consulting style is... socratic and speculative; tilting at word-windmills

Areas of Study: English, Philosophy, History, Education

Other Knowledges: Spanish, Old English, MLA, Chicago, bass guitar, piano

Other Jobs: high school teacher, arborist, dish washer, zipline operator

Places I've Lived: Denver; Santa Fe; Chile

In a consultation, I like to... hear about where you are in your writing and where you want to go. Then, we venture forth together and try to find our way.





 2              Ella

Pronouns: she/her/hers

My consulting style is... empathetic, question-oriented, breakthrough

Areas of Study: English, art history, film, queer and gender theories, performance studies

Other Knowledges: American Sign Language (some), guitar, piano, weaving (beginner), poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, hybrid writing; APA, MLA, Chicago, (some) IEEE

Other Jobs: teacher, DJ, barista, tobacconist

Places I've Lived: Michigan, Bay Area, Western Massachusetts

In a consultation, I like to... work on/with: brainstorming, writers' block, visual learning, creative projects, grant proposals, developing thesis statements, science writing



1              Joe

Pronouns: he/him/his

My consulting style is... collaborative, focused, loquacious

Areas of Study: Political Science, International Relations, Religious Studies, Homeland Security

Other Knowledges: APA, MLA, policy briefs, research papers, persuasive essays, and woodworking 

Other Jobs: legislative aide, project researcher, construction worker

Places I've Lived: Born in Marshall WI, lived in Limerick, Ireland, and new Denver Resident

In a consultation, I like to... focus on helping the writer build a plan that utilizes their strengths and personal knowledge. I think that building a concrete plan and a working outline can be helpful in organizing thoughts and ideas into a clear piece of writing. 


 1             Julia

Pronouns: she/her/hers

My consulting style is... empathetic, improvisational, thoughtful

Areas of Study: Political Science, Socio-Legal Studies, Writing

Other Knowledges: critical race studies, jurisprudence, harmonica playing, Turabian/Chicago, APA

Other Jobs: Coors Fitness Center, baker, pizza tosser

Places I've Lived: Colorado

In a consultation, I like to... develop a deeper understanding of a writer's purpose and then structure the consultation around their goals. I especially enjoy working with non-fiction pieces and research writing. 



  1             Liliana

Pronouns: she/her/hers

My consulting style is... calm, direct, organized

Areas of Study: English, Psychology, Criminology

Other Knowledges: APA and MLA citation, brainstorming, outlining, research, analysis, and critical reading

Other Jobs: Student Assistant for the DU Housing Department and Student Assistant for the DU Center for Multicultural Excellence (CME)

Places I've Lived: Colorado

In a consultation, I like to... read aloud, ask the writer about their assignment, and encourage the writer to talk about their writing process and what it is they hope to get out of the session. I believe that consultations should revolve largely around discussion, but the writer should primarily be the one leading when working on their paper.





 2           Lucien

Pronouns: he/him/his

My consulting style is... supportive, discovery-oriented, flexible

Areas of Study: English (Literature & Creative Writing), Psychology, Philosophy, Native Studies, Queer Studies, Interpretation, Translation, Ecology, Natural Resource Management

Other Knowledges: Dutch, Old English, and Tsalagi; ultra-marathon trail running and fast-packing; wilderness first aid and field safety; nonprofit leadership and community-based programming; qualitative research and auto/ethnography; MLA, APA, and Chicago citation styles; CVs, resumes, cover letters, grant proposals, and interviews; diversity, equity, and inclusion advocacy

Other Jobs: Library Technician, Grant Manager, Technical Writer, Cultural Interpreter, Outdoor Camp Counselor, Volunteer Ranger Assistant, Monster Mountain Marshal, Data Wrangler

Places I've Lived: Born in Virginia, raised in West Virginia, and now living in Northern Colorado

In a consultation, I like to... co-create a safe space to focus on you, your writing, and your project goals, and work together to build strategies and confidence that may be useful well beyond a single consultation.



 1          Madison

Pronouns: she/her/hers

My consulting style is... conversational, encouraging, visual

Areas of Study: English, Creative Writing, Psychology

Other Knowledges: Resumes, study abroad essays, APA/MLA, Shakespeare, poetry, travel, napping

Other Jobs: food service, research assistant, childcare

Places I've Lived: Born just outside NYC; raised in Shelburne, VT; best 5 months of my life spent in Perth, Australia 

In a consultation, I like to... brainstorm by drawing mind-maps and diagrams. With drafts of work, I tend to focus on word choice and specificity. I enjoy sharing strategies to help overcome writer's block. 



 2              Maya

Pronouns: she/her/hers

My consulting style is... pensive

Areas of Study: Spanish, Political Science, International Studies, Religious Studies

Other Knowledges: Spanish, Turabian, Chicago, geography

Other Jobs: Copy Editor for the DU Clarion, tour guide with Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Lamont Women's Chorus, WRIT Engagement Corps

Places I've Lived: Albuquerque, New Mexico

In a consultation, I like to... get to know the writer and what their intentions are for what they are writing. I like to think about the "why" of academic writing conventions. Most of all, I hope to help the writer feel more confident in their abilities.



2              Sara

Pronouns: she/her/hers

My consulting style is... candid, inquisitive, improvisational

Areas of Study: Creative Writing, Poetry, Women & Gender Studies, Critical Theory

Other Knowledges: coffee, bourbon, beer, contracts, commas,

Other Jobs: barista, senior contracts associate, proofreader

Places I've Lived: New York, Virginia

In a consultation, I like to... talk to you & have a clear understanding of the kind of help you're looking for. Often I use colored pencils and a dry-erase board in order to help visualize the things we talk about.




 2               Sean

Pronouns: he/him/his

My consulting style is... curious, nonjudgmental, educative

Areas of Study: Social Work, Literature

Other Knowledges: Spanish, cooking, MLA/APA, yoga, skiing, wilderness first aid

Other Jobs: therapist, ELL teacher, camp counselor

Places I've Lived: Northville, MI and Chile

In a consultation, I like to... help writers better understand their argument and organization by mapping out their ideas with visual tools.  I also enjoy brainstorming different examples with writers and figuring out how to illustrate them, particularly on personal statements and narrative writing.




2          Summer 

Pronouns: she/her/hers

My consulting style is... straightforward, goal-oriented , collaborative

Areas of Study: Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics , Medical Physics, Research

Other Knowledges: APA/Turabian, sci-fi, literature, fandoms, Twilight 

Other Jobs: instructor, image annotator, garden center employee

Places I've Lived: Colorado

In a consultation, I like to... read and digest the assignment and then move forward from questions that are brought to me. I enjoy working taking notes and connecting brainstorming ideas to each other. This job is my mental "break" from engineering.



 2          Winnie

Pronouns: she/her/hers

My consulting style is... empathetic, calming, engaged

Areas of Study: International Relations, Marketing, Japanese

Other Knowledges: I'm fluent in Vietnamese and I know just a bit of Korean and Japanese! I'm also comfortable working with MLA, APA, and Chicago citation styles. Oh, and I love memes! 

Other Jobs: I work part-time as a nail technician over the summer and am a member of Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority Inc. on campus!

Places I've Lived: I was born in Vietnam and raised in America!

In a consultation, I like to... encourage writers to engage with their writing by reading aloud together and having an open discussion about any points of concerns/interests so that the writer walks away having learned something new or just feeling more confident!



2              Zach

Pronouns: he/him/his

My consulting style is... encouraging, curious, eager

Areas of Study: English Literature-textual studies, German language, business administration

Other Knowledges: MLA, Chicago, APA, creative writing, the short story, sound design, music production, music history and culture, film analysis, baklava

Other Jobs: lifeguard (for way too long), fry cook, plate/base umpire, marketing intern at an art festival

Places I've Lived: Born in Chicago, raised in San Jose, CA, of Egyptian heritage

In a consultation, I like to... first identify the structure and purpose of the paper, its thesis, and assist in having the paper reflect your own personal goals. I particularly enjoy sharing stories and my passion for writing and language.


NEW staff


Pronouns: she/her/hers

My consulting style is... flexible, accommodating

Areas of Study: English, Creative Writing

Other Knowledges: history, film

Other Jobs: Creative Writing instructor, Humanities tutor, marketing coordinator, copyeditor

Places I've Lived: Salt Lake City, UT; Providence, RI; Portland, ME; Antigua, Guatemala

As a consultant, I like to... have the writer describe their project and their goals for it, and to hold themselves first and foremost accountable to their individual concerns in addition to the parameters of the assignment or the expectation of the instructor.                                                                                  



Pronouns: she/her/hers

My consulting style is... accommodating. I like to meet my writers where they're at and work from their goals, desires, and intentions.

Areas of Study: English Literature, specifically 19th Century American Literature

Other Knowledges: road cycling, charcoal drawing, pie baking, architecture, vinyasa yoga

Other Jobs: TA for Shakespeare course, freelance journalist, sales associate at University Bicycles, Hallmark, Into the Wind, Savers

Places I've Lived: Colorado (Englewood, Highlands Ranch, Boulder, Broomfield, Arvada)

As a consultant, I like to... try and get to know writers outside of their work. It's fun to connect with people through their writing, but also learning something about one another through general conversation and chit chat.



Pronouns: she/her/hers

My consulting style is... collaborative, generative, inquisitive

Areas of Study: poetry and poetics, translation

Other Knowledges: literary magazines, interviewing, hummus, MLA, playwriting, beer, barre

Other Jobs: magazine editor, Sprouts cashier, poetry teacher, Americorps

Places I've Lived: Boulder, CO; Richmond, VA; Sac City, IA; Missoula, MT; Denver, CO

As a consultant, I like to... brainstorm, reduce anxiety, read aloud, and celebrate your unique perspective 



Pronouns: she/her/hers

My consulting style is... relaxed, goal-oriented, empathetic

Areas of Study: Creative Writing, Rhetoric and Composition, Sociology, English, Curriculum and Instruction

Other Knowledges: APA, poetry, literary analyses, backwards design, qualitative research, composition theory, culturally responsive pedagogy 

Other Jobs: Language Arts teacher, after-school teacher, copywriter, research assistant, cashier

Places I've Lived: Denver, CO

As a consultant, I like to... collaborate with writers to explore, create, and adapt strategies and processes that transfer to any writing situation. The key word is collaborate. The writer is the driver of the consultation and their goals determine the pathways and tones to which the consultation will hold. I encourage use of the writer's original voice and expression within their work as well. 



Pronouns: she/her/hers

My admin style is... direct, honest

Areas of Study: Art History, Spanish, Mandarin

Other Knowledges: astrology, sustainability

Other Jobs: Chipotle

Places I've Lived: Naperville, IL; Denver, CO

As an admin, I like to... talk to the consultants about their appointments so they can reflect on what went well / what needs improvement 



Pronouns: she/her/hers

My consulting style is... conversational, inquisitive, malleable

Areas of Study: International Security, Political Science, Social Science research, coding

Other Knowledges: poke bowl making, volleyball, anime/manga, making bonfires, tattoos

Other Jobs: California State Parks – Senior Park Aide

Places I've Lived: California, Hawaii, Connecticut

As a consultant, I like to... outline the goals for the student and find resources together.



Pronouns: she/her/hers

My consulting style is... organized

Areas of Study: International Studies

Other Knowledges: Jewish history

Other Jobs: multiple restaurants, nanny

Places I've Lived: Israel, Washington DC

As a consultant, I like to... make everyone feel welcome.



Pronouns: she/her/hers

My consulting style is... relational, inquisitive, efficient

Areas of Study: English, Creative Writing, visual art forms, disability and capacity, tectonic plates, space exploration

Other Knowledges: grant-writing, citation styles, community partnerships, nutrition, meditation, decluttering, one-pot meals, being thorough

Other Jobs: educator (all ages and ELL), fundraiser, harvester, personal trainer, researcher, program coordinator, coffee slinger, Craigslist hustler

Places I've Lived: rural Iowa, west Michigan and the Detroit metro area, Hungary, Lithuania, Northern California, Nashville, Denver, and elsewhere

As a consultant, I like to... understand who you are, how you think, what your goals are, and where you are in the writing process so that we can move forward together. I also enjoy working with writers on long projects over multiple consultations—theses, fellowship applications, research forays, you name it. I'm here for all forms and subjects.



Pronouns: she/her/hers

My consulting style is... collaborative; I like to work with writers to accomplish the goals they have for their writing tasks

Areas of Study: Literature, Gender/Ethnic Studies, Environmental Humanities, Education

Other Knowledges: psychology, cat behavior, gardening, cooking

Other Jobs: construction marketing/writing, Middle School teacher, ghost writing/editing

Places I've Lived: Seal Beach, CA; Fort Collins, CO; Loveland, CO; Centennial, CO

As a consultant, I like to... explain when/why/how you might use a specific grammar rule so you know how to do it next time without my help



Pronouns: she/her/hers

My consulting style is... co-constructive, idea-driven, and hopefully, connective!

Areas of Study: Counseling Psychology, Cultural Anthropology, Environmental Studies

Other Knowledges: fiction, poetry, personal statements, NIH grants

Other Jobs: psychology research assistant, health administrator, local food distribution coordinator, frozen yogurt swirler extraordinaire, hostess

Places I've Lived: Denver, CO; New York, NY; Dublin, Ireland; Jacksonville, FL

As a consultant, I like to... hear about a writer's strengths as well as their tensions, to brainstorm helpful strategies to complement the writing process, and to help writers feel more confident in their craft



Pronouns: she/they

My consulting style is... collaborative, open

Areas of Study: English, Creative Writing, Philosophy, Social Criticism

Other Knowledges: politics, divination politics

Other Jobs: NA

Places I've Lived: Portland, OR; San Diego, CA; Washington

As a consultant, I like to... guide the writer in finding their authentic voice, ask questions, and collaborate with the writer's ideas



Pronouns: she/her/hers

My consulting style is... warm, focused, inquisitive

Areas of Study: Psychology, Education, Sociology, Anthropology, Neuroscience, Public Health

Other Knowledges: APA, cover letters, applications, research papers, and picking out the perfect avocado

Other Jobs: researcher, adjunct professor, nanny, camp counselor, and a one-time bar mitzvah coordinator

Places I've Lived: New York (downstate and upstate), London, Vietnam, Boston

As a consultant, I like to... make you feel comfortable and confident with your writing, while also encouraging you to continue to think outside the box and grow. I love using the whiteboard to jot down notes as you brainstorm ideas and structure your paper. Together, we'll find your writing voice and develop skills to take with you outside of the consultation.



Pronouns: he/him/his

My consulting style is... patient, inquisitive, passionate

Areas of Study: Creative Writing, Fiction, English Literature, Political Science, History

Other Knowledges: Spanish, sports, current events, rhetoric, resumes, application materials

Other Jobs: creative writing, copy editor, literary magazine editor, high school AP seminar teacher, University instructor of composition

Places I've Lived: Texas, Rhode Island, Arizona, New York

As a consultant, I like to... get to know you as a person in addition to your relationship with your writing. How do your values and life experiences inform your world view, and where does this interest your academic work?



Pronouns: she/her/hers

My consulting style is... adaptable, detail-oriented, focused

Areas of Study: Creative Writing and Poetry

Other Knowledges: art and design, film, theater, performance

Other Jobs: food and beverages, writing instructor

Places I've Lived: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York City, Rome

As a consultant, I like to... ask questions to generate ideas, help create outlines, investigate organizational methods, and discuss sentence-level clarity




Pronouns: he/him/his

My admin style is... inquisitive

Areas of Study: Library and Information Science

Other Knowledges: literature, folklore

Other Jobs: currently applying for internships

Places I've Lived: Staples, Bloomington, St. Peter, Princeville, Denver

As an admin, I like to... ensure that consultants get their appointments in a timely matter.