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The Writing Center

Meet Our Staff

Our staff includes about 30 peer consultants -- advanced undergraduates and graduates -- who as a group speak more than 10 languages fluently and who have studied in over 30 academic fields and disciplines. Click on consultants' names to read more about them.

Aberdeen M (she/her/hers)

My consulting style is ... client-centered, welcoming, inquisitive

Areas of Study: Anthropology, international studies, human rights, humanitarianism

Other Knowledges: Transformative justice, sewing, embroidery, sculpting, ethnographic interviewing

Other Jobs: Youth Specialist at an emergency shelter, Intern at the Center for Victims of Torture, Intern at a social service organization for survivors of human trafficking and gender-based violence in Serbia

Places I've Lived: Twin Cities, MN; Belgrade, Serbia


Aliyah W (she/her/hers)

My consulting style is ... laid-back, observant, curious

Areas of Study: Psychology, criminology, political science

Other Knowledges: Tea enthusiast, Japanese culture, prison/criminal justice reform, Photoshop

Other Jobs: Worked at Amazon distribution center, interned with a school psychologist, volunteered at Gilliam Youth Services Center and Reading Partners

Places I've Lived: Denver native, studied abroad in London


Ameen A (he/him/his)

My consulting style is ... laid-back, focused, and humorous

Areas of Study: Computer engineering

Other Knowledges: Arabic, hip-hop, video games, and watches

Other Jobs: Volunteer at the 2019 AFC Asian Cup

Places I've Lived: Iraq, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates


Caroline C (she/her/hers)

My consulting style is ... supportive, empathetic, patient

Areas of Study: English, secondary education

Other Knowledges: Plants (growing, maintaining, propagating), basketball,  baking

Other Jobs: High school English teacher, special education teacher, server in a tea room, camp counselor, intern at the Department of Revenue

Places I've Lived: Massachusetts, Rhode Island. My heart will always be with Providence, RI.


Dave W (he/him/his)

My consulting style is ... inquisitive, humorous, relaxed

Areas of Study: English literature, creative writing

Other Knowledges: Cooking, Japanese culture/politics, journalism, English grime

Other Jobs: Work for VICE Magazine in London and wrote lots of articles for them, as well as The Guardian; worked on a variety of documentaries of VICELAND

Places I've Lived: England, Scotland, Malta, France, Switzerland, Massachusetts, Ghana, Hiroshima


Elisabeth B (she/her/hers)

My consulting style is ... curious, attentive, collaborative

Areas of Study: English, creative writing, leadership studies

Other Knowledges: Reality TV, K-12 pedagogy, education innovation

Other Jobs: Middle and high school teacher, instructional coach, director of storytelling for an education non-profit

Places I've Lived: Colorado Springs, CO; Kansas City, MO; Roanoke, VA; Cape Town, South Africa; San Diego, CA


George K (he/him/his)

My consulting style is ... kind, humorous, interested

Areas of Study: Creative writing, theatre arts

Other Knowledges: Dumpling-making, German coming-of-age novels, listening to music, vacuuming

Other Jobs: Scenic carpenter, motorcycle salesperson, barista, public pool attendant

Places I've Lived: Illinois, California, New York, Germany, Russia


Haley C (she/her/hers)

My consulting style is ... warm, empathetic, optimistic

Areas of Study: Communication, English, creative writing, leadership, public policy

Other Knowledges: Sci-Fi worlds, bullet journaling, gluten free baking

Other Jobs: Volunteer at Reading Partners, Administrative Assistant at Rocky Mountain Air Solutions

Places I've Lived: Bay Area, Amsterdam, Windsor


jasmine k 
Jasmine K (she/her/hers)

My consulting style is ... conversational, light-hearted, detail-oriented

Areas of Study: English, theory, rhetoric, digital humanities, philosophy, LGBTQIA+ studies

Other Knowledges: Creative writing, sketching, murder mysteries, expert book-shelf organization, the correct coffee-water consumption ratio

Other Jobs: Hotel night host, Hardware store cashier, Lit mag editor, private tutor

Places I've Lived: Wisconsin for 21 yrs, Virginia, somewhere new soon


Jasmine S (she/her/hers)

My consulting style is ... approachable, understanding, accommodating

Areas of Study: English, biology

Other Knowledges: LTL freight claims, yoga, Twilight, indoor plants, embroidery/sewing

Other Jobs: Freight claims specialist, barista, hospice volunteer, waitress/hostess, jewelry specialist, newspaper editor

Places I've Lived: OK; Borger, Odessa/Midland, Abilene, Dallas, TX


Jenny A (she/her/hers)

My consulting style is ... open-minded, interested, inquisitive

Areas of Study: Creative writing, English literature, philosophy

Other Knowledges: Bad 80's movies, collecting first editions of books, the Denver drag scene, Cats (both the animals and the original Andrew Lloyd Webber musical), iced coffee, music of all kinds

Other Jobs: Volunteer at nonprofit writing center 826Chi, retail work with an ear piercing gun at Claire's Accessories

Places I've Lived: Savannah, GA; Detroit, MI; Chicago, IL; Fort Collins, CO


coming soon
Joanna L (she/them)

My consulting style is ... enthusiastic, explorative, attentive

Areas of Study: Psychology, biology

Other Knowledges: Pasta-making, doodling comics, peculiar animal facts

Other Jobs: food runner at Gracefull (a pay-what-you-can cafe), judge at Denver Urban Debate League

Places I've Lived: Wuhan, China; Fremont, California


Julia C (she/her/hers)

My consulting style is ... organic, imaginative, cooperative

Areas of Study: Political science, writing, socio-legal studies

Other Knowledges: Harmonica playing, American legal process, NPR podcasts, thrift-shopping

Other Jobs: Client services intern at the Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center, baker at a small mom-and pop shop 

Places I've Lived: Maynooth, Ireland; Pueblo, CO


Kayla D (she/her/hers)

My consulting style is ... light, patient, warm

Areas of Study: English, religious studies, social work

Other Knowledges: Enneagram, NPR, Waffle House menu, bread-baking, doing nails

Other Jobs: Lay chaplain, student advocate, flower farm

Places I've Lived: Atlanta, TN; Oxford, MI


Kevin K (he/him/his)

My consulting style is ... laid-back, attentive, curious

Areas of Study: English, creative writing, American literature

Other Knowledges: Indie comics/graphic novels, gardening, urban legends

Other Jobs: First-year writing instructor, data archivist, pool technician

Places I've Lived: New Jersey, Washington, Uruguay


Kiahna S (she/her/hers)

My consulting style is ... contextual, fluid, open

Areas of Study: Political science, international security, human rights, resource security

Other Knowledges: Gluten-free cooking, manga/anime, journalism

Other Jobs: Worked with children with special needs

Places I've Lived: San Diego, CA; Honolulu, Hi; Storrs, CT


Kristen W (she/her/hers)

My consulting style is ... curious, engaged, animated

Areas of Study: English literature, philosophy

Other Knowledges: Cooking, maximizing the sticky note to desk space ratio, hosting last-minute parties, developmental editing

Other Jobs: Event planner, contract administrator, server

Places I've Lived: Colorado and Pennsylvania; in a house and (probably) with a mouse; in bliss and in boredom


Lilian S (she/her/hers)

Areas of Study:  Socio-legal studies, leadership

Other Knowledges: Bullet journaling, knitting, sewing, cooking, Latin

Other Jobs: Scooped ice cream

Places I've Lived: Milwaukee, WI


Madison M (she/her/hers)

My consulting style is ... collaborative, proactive, supportive

Areas of Study: Literature, secondary education, gender/ethnic Studies; environmental humanities

Other Knowledges: Psychology, cat behavior, gardening, cooking

Other Jobs: Construction marketing/writing, middle school teacher, ghost writing/editing

Places I've Lived: Seal Beach, CA; Fort Collins, CO; Loveland, CO


Marina B (she/her/hers)

My consulting style is ... thorough, helpful, inquisitive

Areas of Study: English literature, Italian studies, creative writing, poetics

Other Knowledges: Italian, art, art history, dogs, cats, reptiles, plants

Other Jobs: Sprouts cashier, Idyllwild Arts theatre technician and set designer

Places I've Lived: 5-acre avocado grove in Southern CA; rickety apartment in Seattle, WA


McKenzie W (she/they)

My consulting style is ... flexible, easy-going, inquisitive

Areas of Study: Communication studies, counseling psychology, Spanish, multi-media journalism

Other Knowledges: Longboarding (poorly), vegetarian cooking, how to always get caught in the rain while tent camping

Other Jobs: Re-building leader in Puerto Rico post Hurricane Maria, sports photographer, radio DJ

Places I've Lived: Kansas, Arizona, Ohio, a stint in Puerto Rico


 megan s
Megan S (she/her/hers)

My consulting style is ... approachable, co-constructive, energetic

Areas of Study: Counseling psychology, cultural anthropology, environmental studies

Other Knowledges: APA format, personal statements, fiction, poetry, NIH grants

Other Jobs: Researcher, adjunct faculty, gymnastics coach, project coordinator, local food distributor, caterer, watch maker

Places I've Lived: New York, Ireland, Jacksonville


Mia G (she/her/hers)

My consulting style is ... inclusive, humorous, understanding

Areas of Study: Sociology, criminal justice, public policy, political science

Other Knowledges: Healthy cooking, making sourdough bread, skiing, craft beer

Other Jobs: Babysitter, dogsitter

Places I've Lived: Fort Collins, CO; New York City


Molly S (she/her/hers)

My consulting style is ... imaginative, lax, resourceful

Areas of Study: English, marketing, writing, women's/gender studies

Other Knowledges: Pop culture, peer health education, conflict mediation

Other Jobs: Nonprofit program manager, communications manager, barista

Places I've Lived: Fort Collins, CO; Spokane, WA; Denver's Capitol Hill, Cheesman Park, and Baker neighborhoods


Rebecca G (she/her/hers)

My consulting style is ... warm, focused, inquisitive

Areas of Study: Psychology, education, sociology, anthropology, neuroscience, public health

Other Knowledges: APA, cover letters, applications, research papers, picking out the perfect avocado

Other Jobs: Researcher, adjunct professor, nanny, camp counselor,  one-time bar mitzvah coordinator

Places I've Lived: New York, London, Vietnam, Boston


Sai B (he/him/his)

My consulting style is ... innovative, humorous, detail-oriented

Areas of Study: Materials science

Other Knowledges: Improv comedy, hosting, bowling, writing, cooking

Other Jobs: Host and mentor for Speechcraft, a communication and leadership training program

Places I've Lived: In my thoughts and writings


Victoria A (she/her/hers)

My consulting style is ... encouraging, involved, methodical

Areas of Study: Hospitality management, Spanish

Other Knowledges: Oil painting, bullet journaling, sustainable living, sewing, staying active

Other Jobs: Server at Glory Days Grill; intern in the Public Affairs Section at the U.S. Embassy in Quito, Ecuador; taught English to Spanish-speaking elementary school kids

Places I've Lived: England, Nevada, California, Spain, Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, Ecuador


Wendy C (she/her/hers)

My consulting style is ... warm, collaborative, focused

Areas of Study: English, creative writing, studio art

Other Knowledges: French, sculpture, piano

Other Jobs: Piano teacher, journal editor

Places I've Lived: Paris


Winnie P (she/her/hers)

My consulting style is ... energetic, inquisitive, cooperative

Areas of Study: International studies, statistics

Other Knowledges: Writing, skincare, gardening, gaming

Other Jobs: Licensed nail technician

Places I've Lived: Vietnam; Anaheim, CA; Colorado Springs, CO