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The Writing Center

Resources for Faculty

Online Writing Center support for faculty

In Spring 2020, the Writing Center can support you as a faculty member in a variety of ways. Submit a request for support via the last red button on the right. Options include:

  • A video "class visit" that helps your students to make and prepare for their own appointments
  • Pre-recorded webinars (20-30 minutes) relating to a specific writing assignment, genre, process, or situation
  • Activities focused on peer review or other writing processes
  • Curated resources for a specific writing assignment, genre, process, or situation
  • Dedicated block of drop-in consultation hours for your students

For most of these options, we need at least two weeks advance notice, but please get in touch any time, and we'll do our best to support you and your students. 


We do not have the capacity to support required consultations in Spring 2020. 

We hope that faculty will encourage their students to visit the Writing Center on their own. We can also dedicate a block of drop-in hours specifically for your class; get in touch with us at to discuss options. 


If you would like to offer extra credit to students for visiting the Writing Center, we suggest that you frame it as extra credit for working on their writing with a consultant, rather than as an opportunity to get feedback or guarantee quality. Writing Center consultations are aimed at promoting learning and helping writers to do the work of developing their writing skills and processes.

What consultations can and can't do

Writers who visit us online will participate in an interactive, collaborative discussion about their papers with peer consultants, who will help to set goals, generate strategies, and identify resources; ask questions about assignment prompts and previous feedback; and help students to learn new skills and concepts.

Our consultations do not involve reviewing papers in advance or guaranteeing correctness. Consultants cannot proofread or edit for students, mark up papers, or check citations.

Consultants can talk about and help students to do all of these things, but please note that the Writing Center is a learning site, and individual students retain agency and responsibility for their learning and writing choices. 

Additional Resources 


In Spring 2020, the DU Writing Center is moving all offerings online. We invite students to go to to seek support for their writing in any of the following ways:

  • Make appointments for individual 45-minute online consultations;
  • Check out our upcoming and existing writing webinars and resources;
  • Form a group of at least 3 students and request a 30-minute webinar on a writing genre, process, or strategy; and
  • Request help in identifying resources for a specific writing assignment, genre, process, or strategy.

Writing Center consultations are interactive and collaborative: a writing consultation can help with clarifying goals for a specific writing project, brainstorming ideas, outlining and organizing a paper, integrating sources, reviewing arguments, developing editing and proofreading skills, and more. Consultants ask questions, offer perspective, identify relevant resources, and help writers to develop effective strategies and habits in light of their writing goals and needs.

To learn more about how writing center consultations work, how to access our resources, and how to use Zoom, students can attend a live orientation session at any of the following times:

  • Monday, March 30, 12pm
  • Tuesday, March 31, 12pm
  • Wednesday, April 1, 5pm
  • Thursday, April 2, 5pm
  • Friday, April 3, 12pm

Go to to join the webinar, or write to with questions.



We can provide a pre-recorded video introduction to the Writing Center for you to add to your Canvas or other course management site. Video introductions include:

  • Consultants describing how the Writing Center works, what consultants do, and how students can prepare to have a productive experience
  • How-to for students to make appointments and access our online resources
  • Short demo of what a Zoom consultation can look like
  • FAQ with answers to the questions most frequently asked in our face-to-face class visits

Video introductions will be available starting on Friday, March 27.  



Whatever your course level or subject matter, advanced consultants and Writing Program faculty  will work with you to plan a 20-30 minute webinar for your class or student group. We will create a pre-recorded webinar specifically for your course, your goals, and your students' writing needs. Examples include:

  • Peer reviewing and revising one's writing 
  • Drafting effective project proposals 
  • Writing annotated bibliographies and literature reviews 
  • Crafting effective thesis statements 
  • Reading an academic argument 
  • Synthesizing texts and using APA or Turabian style

Webinars are most effective when they happen at a moment when students can apply the concepts and strategies they are learning; for this reason, we try to time them so that students have notes, outlines, or drafts in progress. 

Please get in touch at least two weeks ahead of time to talk about webinar options by emailing us at  



We provide the same type of collaborative consultations for faculty and staff as we do for students. We work regularly with faculty and staff on book proposals or chapters, article revisions, career materials, and other writing projects.

Faculty and staff have the option to work with another faculty member or with an advanced graduate student. Please write to Juli Parrish or Megan Kelly at or call 303-871-7431 to make an appointment.



The Writing Program offers extensive resources for faculty teaching writing across the curriculum. Resources include strategies for scaffolding writing assignment, responding to student writing, and more.



We will not be printing posters during the Spring 2020 quarter, but we will still be offering support for designing effective paper and virtual research posters. More details coming soon!



How can I encourage my students to use the Writing Center?

One of the best ways to inform your students about our services is by including a video class visit on your course management site. To request a webinar or discuss other options, write to us at might also mention the Writing Center in your syllabi. Click here for syllabus statements for online courses.

How will I know if my students are using the Writing Center?

Our consultants write a short note after each session and email that note to the writer. Your students can simply forward that email to you; alternately, if they provide your name and email address to their consultants, we can send that email directly to you. We do count on students to provide your contact information. Please encourage your students to come prepared. 

Can I require my students to visit the Writing Center for help with a particular assignment?

We do not support required consultations, which we may not have the capacity to support. We can instead set aside a dedicated block of time for your students to drop in and work with consultants. If you would like to arrange for your students to work with Writing Center consultants in this way, please contact us at at least two weeks in advance to discuss options.