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The Writing Center

Hours and Location

Summer 2018

We are open this summer for 45-minute in-person and online consultations. Writers are also welcome to walk in; if we have a consultant free, we'll be happy to work with you. 

Hours will change weekly; you can always see our most up-to-date schedule by going to and choosing the Summer 2018 schedule. 


July 2: 10a-8p
July 3: 10a-8p
July 4: closed
July 5: 10a-7p
July 8: 4-7p
July 9: 10a-8p
July 10: 10a-8p
July 11: 10a-7p
July 12: 9a-7p
July 15: 3-7p
July 16: 10a-8p
July 17: 9a-7p
July 18: 10a-8p
July 19: 9a-7p
July 22: 3-7p
July 23: 10a-8p
July 24: 10a-8p
July 25: 9a-8p
July 26: 10a-8p