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Estlow International Center for Journalism and New Media

2016-2017 Anvil of Freedom Honoree Announced: Dr. Julianne Malveaux

Invitation poster for the 2017 Diversity Summit Jan. 19 & 20, 2017

Dr. Julianne Malveaux has been selected as the Estlow Lecturer and recipient of the University of Denver's Anvil of Freedom award in recognition of the publication of her book, Are we better off? Race, Obama and public policy, published in February 2016. This book is a compilation of Malveaux's columns that offer a review of the highs and lows of the Obama presidency from an African American perspective. Malveaux is a journalist, author, and economist and has been a regular commentator featured on CNN, PBS, NBC, BET, and FOX among others, and her columns have appeared in USA Today, Ms. Magazine, and more. Her writings provide insights on a range of topics, including the merits of minority-owned businesses and Black entrepreneurship, the payday loan debt system that traps many moderate and low income people in poverty, and the societal benefits of a livable minimum wage. For five years, Malveaux served as President of Bennett College, which along with Spelman College is one of only two all-women historically black colleges. During the election season Malveaux called for both Clinton and Trump to address the nation's poor and hungry in their debates.

Dr. Julianne Malveaux will be presenting the breakfast keynote speech at this year's Diversity Summit on Inclusive Excellence on Friday, January 20, 2017 where she will be presented with the Anvil of Freedom Award. Dr. Malveaux will also be participating in a panel on the business and economic outlook of Denver and the nation after the inauguration on Thursday, January 19 in her capacity as the Morton L. Margolin Distinguished Lecturer. Registration for all Diversity Summit events is now available

NPR's Lourdes Garcia-Navarro Presents on "Parallel Lives" at DU's Internationalization Summit

Lourdes Garcia-Navarro poses with the Anvil of Freedom award between the Estlow and Margolin familiesThe Edward W. & Charlotte A. Estlow Center's Anvil of Freedom Award for outstanding journalism and democracy was presented at DU's 2016 Internationalization Summit in honor of 2016 Morton Margolin Distinguished Lecturer Lourdes Garcia-Navarro, South America correspondent for National Public Radio (NPR).

Garcia-Navarro presented "Parallel Lives: Stories from an Interconnected World" as the keynote speech at the annual Internationalization Summit on April 15, 2016. This year's theme was "Uncommon Intersections: Cultivating Multiple Perspectives at Home and Abroad."

Garcia-Navarro was recognized for her multimedia piece, "Look at This: Rain Forest Was Here," which includes photo and audio coverage of how deforestation in the Amazon rain forest may be linked to Sao Paulo's drought and to worldwide climate change. In this piece, she draws comparisons between Brazil's current rapid deforestation and the 19th century deforestation of the western U.S., which similarly fueled the economic development of a nation.

A videorecording of the presentation is now available. Watch "Parallel Lives: Stories from an Interconnected World" here.

Photos of the event have also been posted to the University of Denver's Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies flickr site. View photos.

News of Founder's Death

Ed Estlow at the Estlow Center Art DedicationWe regret to announce that Edward W. Estlow has died at the age of 95. Ed provided outstanding leadership to the University of Denver and offered invaluable guidance and support to this center. We will all miss him. Read his story here.

Ed's last visit to the University of Denver was on April 30, 2015, when we dedicated an original sculpture that was created in his honor by his friend, artist, and longtime newspaper colleague Lloyd Schermer, who has created similar sculptures for the Smithsonian, the Freedom Forum, and several other journalism programs around the country. The artwork features wood and metal type, the kind used in the 1960s newsrooms in which Ed and Lloyd both worked before newsrooms around the country went to the photographic typesetting system.Ed Estlow and three of his daughters in front of the original sculpture by Lloyd Schermer 2015

Right, Ed Estlow with three of his four daughters, Nancy Gwin, Mary Erculiani, and Susan Lyday, in front of Schermer's artwork. Each is a graduate of the University of Denver, along with Ed ('42)