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Lamont School of Music

Areas of Study

Music for Non-Majors

The Lamont School of Music offers non-major lessons for all DU undergraduate students. Lessons are taught by graduate teaching assistants (GTAs), who have extensive knowledge of their instrument and were chosen for their exemplary teaching abilities. Non-major lessons count for 2 credits each quarter, which equates to 30-minute lessons each week, and usually serve as electives, depending on your degree program.

Please see the list below for non-major lessons available during the 2015-2016 academic school year, as well as the corresponding course numbers. Students can review CRNs and contact information for the instructors in the Dynamic Schedule. Courses in bold are offered every quarter. The additional sections are offered based on instructor availability. Please register for the section marked as "Departmental Approval" or "For Non-Majors." You can receive approval from the instructor listed on the course. If no professor is listed, please contact Rachel Lim, Lamont's Student Advisor, at

  • Bassoon – MUPR 2460-2
  • Flute – MUPR 2390-3
  • Guitar - MUPR 2600-33 - click here for more information. 
  • Percussion - MUPR 2660-2
  • Piano - MUPR 2210-1
  • Trombone - MUPR 2480-1
  • Trumpet – MUPR 2500-1
  • Tuba – MUPR 2560-1
  • Violin - MUPR 2250-2
  • Voice - MUPR 2230-1
  • Viola – MUPR 2290-1
  • Cello – MUPR 2270
  • Jazz Bass – MUPR 2311
  • Jazz Trombone – MUPR 2481

The following courses are available to non-majors:

  • MUAC 1012 Music, Society and Culture (4 Credits) (AI: Society)
  • MUAC 1017 History of Rock and Roll (4 Credits) (AI: Society)
  • MUAC 1016 History of Jazz (4 Credits) (AI: Society)
  • MUAC 1018 Understanding Music (4 Credits) (AI: Society)
  • MUAC 1019 American Popular Music (4 Credits) (AI: Society)
  • *MUAC 2051 Foundations of Musicology (3 Credits)
  • MUAC 2052 Musicology: Medieval And Renaissance Music (3 Credits) (AI: Society)
  • MUAC 2053 Musicology: Baroque Music (3 Credits) (AI: Society)
  • MUAC 2054 Musicology: Classical Music (3 Credits) (AI: Society)
  • MUAC 2055 Musicology: Romantic Music (3 Credits) (AI: Society)
  • MUAC 2056 Musicology: Modern Music (3 Credits) (AI: Society)
  • MUAC 2057 Musicology: Introduction to World Musics (3 Credits) (AI: Society)
  • MUAC 2058 Jazz and Commercial Music History and Repertoire I (1900-1955) (3 Credits) (AI: Society)
  • MUAC 2059 Jazz and Commercial Music History and Repertoire II (1955-Present) (3 Credits) (AI: Society)
  • *MUAC 1211 Music Technology (4 credits)

*While these courses are available to non-majors, they do not fulfill Common Curriculum requirements.

Many of Lamont's ensembles are open to the entire DU community and can be applied toward AI: Society requirements. For more information, please see our Ensembles page.

For more information on non-major lessons, ensembles and courses open to non-majors, please contact Rachel Lim, Lamont's Student Advisor, at